We lost several of our crew on Monday as they had to return to their other lives and some of them they are missed.

Bus trip to airport to head home.


Brothers Luckner and Don saying Bye until May


Luckner saying farewell to the NL group at airport

It has been a real treat to get to Haiti and HATS twice in one year.   We were here  in January as well. This is a special place and I love to come and do what I can. There is quite a difference in the temperature between January and October. It is close to 40 some days now.

Morning breaks over the compound

There is never a shortage of work, some small jobs and some not so small. The problem with most repairs is not the repair but trying to find parts to get them completed.   When you are at HATS tasks/jobs come up all the time and everyone tries very hard to help where they can.

Ti Fi helps by transporting empty laundry baskets

Last evening Jim and I took out the sink in the kitchen to replace some rotten wood. Taking it out was easy as was replacing the wood. The problems came when we tried to get the plumbing back together.  After 3 trips to our supply depot and some modifications we were finished and it was nearly 9:30 PM.

Kitchen sink repairs done after staff gone home for the night.

Sandra worked with Ti Luc and was paymaster once again. Tutoring began yesterday for some of our HATS children.  Their classes are held in the school.

Hard at it again

Karen was gone most of the day to PaP escorting the NL crew to the Airport and doing a few errands.

The best part of being here is spending time with the children, going to devotions and interacting with the staff.   We are looked after very well by everyone.

Precious Sandra during devotions

I hope we can get someone, or a couple, to come here to help Karen.  Since the Reimer’s left everything has fallen on Karen again. This is too big a job for one person and it is a 24/7 responsibility.