23 days till Christmas and the HATS team is getting ready for the celebration. The Christmas lights are all up and look great. Thanks to Rick from Liette’s team and AL from the Roma team for putting them up. It’s different looking at Christmas lights against the palm trees instead of the snow.

 Lights are up.

The kids are getting excited too. A couple more weeks till school ends for the Christmas break. Then the kids can relax and play board games, soccer, hockey and read the library books.

JJ is excited.

Our Christmas picture is taken. It only took 47 takes to make sure everyone was looking at the camera and no closed eyes and some smiles AND making sure everyone was actually present.

Family picture 2014

Are you all ready for Christmas? If you still have shopping to do here are some suggestions:

•     Sponsor a school child – It costs only $275 per year to sponsor a child from preschool to grade 6,  High school sponsorship costs $375/year. http://www.hatshaiti.org/donate/sponsor/

•     Bring Christmas to Haiti – Your donation will provide rice, cornmeal, beans and oil to a needy family. $25 provides: 5 kg rice, 3 kg beans, 2 kg cornmeal, 2L oil.  http://www.hatshaiti.org/bring-christmas-to-haiti/

Check out the new web page at: http://www.hatshaiti.org/