The morning started with Martha’s wonderful porridge and then we went to devotions here on the compound with the children and staff. JJ and Mirlande lead the service and the kids played the tambourines and sang and prayed.

Devotions to start the day

Cathy & Lisa washed clothes with Chantal and Mme Saint Adieu for a while and then they went back to their usual tasks…guess what?

 Helping with the laundry

Don taught 2 classes this morning and Karen and I witnessed the fun they had.

Don teaches

Dickie and Jim were back at the water tower again.

Vladimy treats the water

Ken and Cheryl headed to the new Missionary house to continue the painting.

The paint crew

Dave and Bob made cabinets and shelves and installed them.

New kitchen cabinet for Karen

The whole compound was alive with activity. There were men everywhere….getting the paved driveway done, working in the Timbermart House installing windows, men bringing goats and people coming to pick them up, many coming for cholera vaccines, trucks delivering loads of gravel, a cement mixer working overtime and many other activities.

 Picking up the new family goat
Adding some wiring

At the end of the day we all drove down to Luckner’s to see Ti Luc’s goat and to have a short visit there. After that we picked up the kids and all walked along the canal for 45 minutes which gave the kids a chance to run and play and us to spend some time with them. Lisa and Cathy were so dirty that Dave washed them off outside with the hose before they could enter the house for supper.

Evening activity: games of auction, sleeping/snoriing on the swing, Karen still working on her computer and the 3 of us trying to find photos to give Jim to put up on the blog.

We will soon all be in bed. Goodnight.