Good evening! Our day started with a devotion again led by Mariah.  After the devotion the men started a new project for Karen.  They drilled holes and put studs in the back of the house in order to add on a roof for Karen to sit and relax and have some privacy in her back yard.

Cory Muise was sporting around his new hair extensions during his construction work.

Beautiful Cory with hairdresser Evan

Nicole went to the school and helped Karen distribute textbooks to the parents and she got to see a typical morning in the classrooms.  There was lots of singing, dancing and reciting.  She will have lots to report to her own students and colleagues when she returns to Nova Scotia.  She was amazed at how happy the children  were in spite of how little they have to work with.

Currently the school has 27 students who do not have sponsors to help fund their education.  That means H.A.T.S.  has to pay for these children out of their working fund.  An amount of $275.00 ( for primary to grade 6) per year will supply a uniform, their textbooks and on e meal a day for the entire school year.   The cost is $375.00 per year  from grade 7 to graduation.  We should all be praying that God will open the hearts of His people in order to help these children.

After school was all finished the entire group headed over the school as Gerry presented the elementary teachers and Luckner with a watch for their wonderful service to the school.

Presentation of gifts to teaching staff
Gerry with Claudy

Marcia and Nicole were asked by Karen to go show  Mme.  Saint Ardieu, how to use her new washing machine.  However she informed us she was content today with washing the children’s clothes by hand as she has always done.

Gerry was able to hand out some balls to the children, given to him by his grand-daughter Erin.  The children had hours of fun playing with the balls.  Thank you Erin!

Marianne, Donna, and Nicole were able to hand to hand out suckers to all the children and staff.

Karen had time to sit and share with us some of her past experiences here in Haiti.  Many of which were very touching and difficult for her.  We really appreciated her for that.  Marcia, on the other hand,  took that opportunity to take a snooze.

Nap Time

We went for a ride in Karen’s tap tap to a local general store.  They kept a little bit of everything in stock from medical supplies, pampers, to hair products, school supplies and food.

The ‘everything’ pharmacy in Verrettes.

Today was our hottest day yet.  The heat and humidity is very tiring on us Canadians.  Tonight it is thundering quite loudly hopefully it will remove some of the humidity and the rain won’t be too bad, considering we are sleeping on the roof.

After we returned, we went for a walk along the canal and saw men working in their rice fields, a young boy washing up in the canal, a beautiful view of the mountains, oxen, horses and mules.



Rice Paddies

Our supper tonight consisted of goat meat and white rice in a bean sauce. It was delicious!

Goat Meat with Rice in Bean Sauce

Goodnight, until tomorrow!