We had a wonderful evening giving each child and Karen a lovely hand made quilt for when the weather turns cool at night (cold to the Haitians).  They got to look at them and then choose what one they wanted and everyone was pleased with their choices and would have put them on their beds right away BUT momma took them all back until it gets cool.  They are very beautiful and were made especially for this mission and they send many many thanks to Joan and her quilting guild in Kimberly BC.

Quilts arrived in time for what Haitians consider ‘cold’


Gorgeous quilts made for our HATS children

This morning started with a nice walk along the canal…or so I am told!  They left without me!

Our early morning walk


A little tree climbing on our walk

Today and tomorrow are holidays in Haiti so only Germaine and Roselene (those looking after Karen, Ti Luc and us) arrived to work.  The kids enjoyed their day off school and everyone played and enjoyed a relaxing day!

We put up new photos on Karen’s walls, we helped Karen clean her room (a lot of things get put in her room when a team is here) and we were determined to get it all cleaned out and we did.

We stored a lot in the depot for future use, we organized a lot to give out in the community and we left our empty suitcases so she can bless others with them.

The batteries ran out of charge this morning (teams are hard on the power here) and then when they tried to start the Delco (generator) it wouldn’t start.  There was a short time of concern about power BUT we were soon up and running and have been running ever since to make sure everything is well charged before we shut down again.

The generator battery Sandra was wheeling likes more like Jofky now

Luckner and Daniel (security) went to Port Au Prince today to pick up Keith Wight from Montreal who will be staying to help Karen for a while.  He arrived to a banner at the gate and the children singing and anxiously awaiting his arrival!

Kids welcome sign for pilot Keith, complete with a drawing of a plane

Kids had a fun bubble time then a video ( a real treat) while we adults walked the canal.  We had a lovely  walk and met the goat man again and he told us that someone stole his little baby goat today.  Then 2 little boys walked along and chatted with us for awhile.  We arrived home in time for supper, delicious chicken in a cranberry sauce (cranberry sauce brought by Keith) and mashed potatoes, sounds very Canadian and it is, they learned it from Karen.

Fun with bubbles


Two boys who chatted with Karen on our afternoon walk

After supper we had devotions and then a game of ball hockey.  The kids were very excited that Keith was here to play with them as he was the one who introduced them to the game and brought the sticks etc for them to play.

Evening devotions


Canadian ball hockey with Keith
Two precious Sandras

It is raining right now and I hope it rains hard and lasts long enough to cool the air!