When you visit Haiti short term it can be easy to see Haitians living in poverty as innocent victims of horrible circumstances – lack of education, corrupt government, epidemics.   And that’s very true.  Many people are blameless victims of very bad circumstances.

But personal responsibility plays a role too.  My friend Fifi came by today.  She is a merchant lady who used to sell fruit at the door when we lived in Deschapelles years ago.  She’s a good saleswoman, but has fallen on hard times as the hospital has limited its services and there are few staff members to sell too.  But Fifi also has 8 children, diabetes and high blood pressure.  She was advised to stop having children after 3 because of her high blood pressure and yet, she has 8.  8 kids who she loves dearly, but can’t provide well for and can’t send to school without help.  I find it a complex situation when someones poor choices has led them to have more complex and deeper problems than they otherwise would.  But it doesn’t limit the need for grace, the kind of grace I hope will be extended to me when I mess up again.  So I sent Fifi on her way with some small gifts, a bit of money to help pay for her kids schooling and goat so that hopefully she can sell the baby goats and have the means to get ahead a bit in life.

Fifi with Tevan & her goat

On a lighter note, I had the chance today to take the 5 big HATS kids along with Mariah and Ariane on our mountain hike early this morning.  It was a beautiful morning up on the hill above Deschapelles and as always the children loved our great adventures.

Ariane on the mountain


Deschapelles valley


Dieumima on the mountain


Dieunel on the mountain


JJ on the mountain


Leica on the mountain


Mariah on the mountain


Me on the mountain


Moise on the mountain


Morning mist above Deschapelles


The hiking gang

I just sat back down to finish this before I head to bed.  I had to take a 2 minute break to walk my big, strong, tough 18 year old son up the stairs because he’s afraid of tree frogs jumping on him in the dark!  I don’t know exactly how he thought I was going to protect him, but I was ready 🙂

My tough son Josiah