Life gets in the way down here – one day after the other fly by, as I continue to fly around trying to keep things going.

On Sunday, which was Mother’s Day in Haiti, Barbara and Louis attended our church service. Barbara shared a message with the 90 students and mother’s in attendance, which I, Karen, translated. Monday saw Louis and Barbara leave HATS to spend their second week in Haiti in the St. Marc area. They are a special couple and their time with us was a blessing. I am especially thankful that God saw to have Barbara here, to help and support me, during the troublesome, difficult week with employees, i.e. housemothers.

Barb & Louis in the back half of our church service

Thank you Barbara and Louis for coming, doing, helping, listening, supporting, and loving the children (that is the easiest and most special part). You are both loved and appreciated!!!

Barbara’s loving arms


Louis & Ti Luc singing.  Ti Luc having a ball


Barbara and Louis, THANK YOU

We are all very thankful that the new and improved roof was finished on the school kitchen recently. The two ladies, who prepare the meal for the students, are extremely thankful to be out of the direct hot sun again when cooking. The women continued to see that the students were fed but it was extremely difficult to do so.

Roof replaced on present kitchen

We do not take new students during the school year but last week two young ones joined our school. They, however, did not start with prescolaire as is necessary in Haiti. They started with grade five and quickly moved on to grade six. All week they attended school moving from grade five to grade six. I think all the students enjoyed their attendance, many wished they had chosen their class to attend.

Two new grade 5 students


Finished in grade 5, moving on to grade 6

Yesterday, Friday, our school had an outing, before exams start on Monday 11th, and the school year ends. Our students spent a fun day at the beach. They had a lot of fun in the water and playing soccer on the shore. It was a tired and sleepy group of stuents that returned in the bus. In three weeks our school will be finished for this year – Oh Happy Day!!!!!

Bus loaded with our students, ready to head to the beach


Fun on the beach, our kids in foreground


School Outing

Last weekend our Mariah received some very sad news about the death of her beloved grandfather in Canada. On Wednesday Luckner and I took her to PAP where I saw her off in the airport to join her family members in Vancouver and to continue on to Bella Bella. Mariah is greatly missed by all of us this week. This is a foretaste of how she will be missed when she returns to Canada to live. Mariah will return to us on Tuesday, and have three more weeks with us to finish out her year, leaving again on June 27th. We know she will be back to see us when she can.

Mariah filling out her Exit Visa before going though Immigration


In Karen’s yard

Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Remember it is ” ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN ”