Let me start by thanking all of you who stood with us in prayer and thought on this incredible journey. We could not have done this without you.

Some of you wrote to us, cheering us on and often it was so timely¬†and needed. There were some challenges, and I am so thankful you¬†shared those moments with us .¬†I will hug you at home and for those of you I can’t hug…Feel¬†hugged ūüôā LOL

Today is a great example again of prayer answered by our God who¬†cares so deeply…not only for us but the whole world. And¬†especially his outpouring and compassion for those in need. God is¬†so good, and we saw it today. We had a great ride up to St¬†Mark…Galilee had called people in advance, and so they all came¬†to pick up whatever we had.¬†I would be changing the truth if I said it was all beautiful and¬†without greed and hurt feelings…There were tough moments again,¬†but people in great need received a little joy and comfort and¬†hopefully they saw we cared. It is a complicated, wounded country¬†with much room for teaching and learning . Love, compassion and¬†investment could change many things here.

For the rest of the afternoon I got to spend a whole lot more time¬†with all the children. It was so great. You cannot imagine what a¬†blessing it is to watch how the very littlest ones interact with¬†each other, teach each other to ride the bike, help each other up¬†when one falls…It is just so beautiful.Then they sang for me !!!! I have proof.:)

Barb w kids


Mariah & Karena

I do miss you all..home soon. All my love,



Hi, from Rosie! Thanks to Barb for the good daily updates! Yes, today was another interesting day… Giving out food and leaving seemed like a Bandaid for a problem beyond us, and I think the key is empowering those in relationship with the people in the city to be doing this sort of work. But we helped for the moment… Afterward, Galilee was kind and brought us around a bit. I think it would be so cool if he could experience some more leadership development through YFC, the organization he’s with.

I did some homework with Mirlande today. She’s one of the mischievous kids, but she’s smart. I think it’s true that sometimes the brightest kids are the ones that are getting in trouble because they’re BORED. A lot of school here is memorization. Mirlande didn’t know what many of the words she was memorizing meant, which shows the inefficiency of the approach. But Liette, Karen’s daughter, told me they are working on bettering the system. Mirlande also explained the history of Haiti to me, and she was quite expressive and captivating in her explanations.

Tonight we played a dice game, which was fun! I love getting goofy. Goofiness and laughter save all the life-analysis from making us sad. I’m excited to be home and grateful for my time here. Thank you everyone for reading and loving on us.

Sandra playing soccer



Hi, Liette here.  Today saw Yvette and I beginning the process of getting the sponsor letters written and the photos done.  We completed Grades 3, 4, & 5 today.  Tomorrow we hope to complete grade 6, plus all the younger kids.  Then comes the long process of scanning and emailing out all of the photos and letters to the sponsor kids.  The kids are happy and grateful to write their letters and I know the sponsors are happy to receive the updates from the children.

Sponsor letters
Yvette working

This afternoon we played games, helped the kids ride bikes and then we played the dice game with all of us plus Vladimy.  Karen whipped our butts!  Like they say in Vegas, the house always wins!  We had a lot of fun laughing and enjoying our time together this evening.

Y&L bike