Emily & Hannah

Wow what a great experience so far. So hot, so sunny and so gorgeous: palm trees and greenness everywhere, bananas and coconuts hanging from the trees – so pretty. We had a great sleep last night which we were both slightly surprised by since we fell asleep to the sound of crickets, mooing cows and roosters… very different from home! We were up at 7 for devotions. We had a great time: dancing, clapping and singing. A delicious breakfast was waiting for us as soon as we were back. They were the best mangos I’ve ever tasted!

Morning Devotions

After, we went over to see the school and played soccer. The school is so pretty with all the blue buildings. Soccer was super hot but it was totally worth it, so much fun. All the kids are such great players – we all had a great time even if we were covered in sweat by the end! Before you knew it was time for lunch. Pizza and salad hit the spot. After lunch, the sun was out and the temperature was quite high. We all took a tiny break to rest up from soccer and get some energy back while the kids enjoyed a movie.

Soccer with Emily


Half time at soccer practice


Game time during soccer


Lunch time after soccer

Beate’s school donated a bunch of T-shirts so in the afternoon all the children and workers put on shirts for a picture. They all had a great time but the dressing up didn’t stop there. The kids got a few other new clothes: Anne with her new skirt, Karena with a pretty new dress from Emily and Hannah. And crocs from Kathleen completed the outfits. The kids were so thrilled with all their new clothes and were eagerly posing for pictures. Big big smiles on all of the children today

Ti Shirts that came with Beate

Beate and Kathleen are over washing off the chalk boards right now so we can give them a nice thick and fresh coat of paint for when school starts again. Supper’s in about a half hour, and then we’ll finish the evening with devotions and hit the hay early… still a little tired from the long flights yesterday and Sunday!

Blackboard cleaning at the school

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

~Emily & Hannah


After the girls wrote the blog there was a walk along the canal, (some fast walked and some snail walked).

Kathleen – you can do it. Come on


Rice being planted as we walked along the canal

A frantic sweeping and mopping upstairs where their tents are – due to a downpour.

Workteams must mop if they wish to sleep while dry

Showers in the backyard before bed.

HATS outdoor shower (in the rain)

Last nights blog mentioned the wonderful donations that came down with the group. Thank you to all who blessed the people of this area with donations. Find the four Canadians who delivered it to us.

Four Canadians in the midst of a lot of donations

It has been a very long, hot, tiring, but great day. Good night and God bless.