Since HATS-Haiti is “ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN” it is time for me to get back to blogging about my children.


Leica came to me at age 4. She was a very quiet and polite girl. She never did cry or kick up a fuss about being brought here. She, however, stayed as close to me as possible every day, for quite awhile. It was obvious she was not used to eating well or having much of anything. She was in awe of everything she experienced and everything she was given and showed thankfulness for it. She spent a lot of time at my place and quickly became very close to Ti Luc – bosom buddies actually. They still are!! Leica just turned 7 and she continues to be a lovely child. She loves to help me, go places with me, and loves to help Ti Luc with things he has not yet mastered.

Leica, not too long after joining us
Leica 5 Yrs
My Princess Leica



She is a fantastic big sister to the younger children – like a sweet little mother at times to the youngest ones. When not in school Leica likes to help whoever is cooking for the children that day. She loves to go for walks, loves school, and loves to kick the ball and to look at books. Leica captures the heart of all visitors and workteam members. I call her my princess and she truly is. Leica, like Ti Luc, has been blessed with a chance for a future and my daily prayer is for her to become all that God for have her be.

Good Friends (Ti Luc and Leica)


Best Buds – Leica & Ti Luc


Karma joined us last August. She has not yet been here a year, but she has knit in so beautifully it seems like she has been a part of this family much longer. She had been living in Port au Prince before the earthquake. The house she lived in with a family member collapsed but we thank God that they were in the street and were saved. Karma, too, is a sweet and helpful child. She is smart, inquisitive and very eager to learn. Karma is a little reserved and was shy when she first came. She loves to walk with me, sit with me, and loves to spend lots of time with Leica and Ti Luc. In school Karma, Leica, and Ti Luc are seen as a special threesome. She, too, loves to see that Ti Luc is cared for at school and that everyone treats him very well. She is very good with the younger children. She can be often seen carrying one of the little ones, sitting holding one, or playing with them. Karma’s life too has improved greatly since she joined our family. My hope and prayer for Karma is that she will continue to want to learn, and that she will grow up to be a tremendous asset to her people in Haiti.

Karma just joined the family Aug 10
Karma & Ti Luc
Gorgeous Karma
Leica and Karma
Karma with Anne
Early Sunday morning walk with Karma


Anne is the newest addition to our family, the baby that I introduced you to on Monday’s blog. She is 10 1/2 months old. Anne has not had a good start in life and arrived ill but she is doing a little better every day. She is now in a place where she can gain health and strength and enjoy being a part of a special family. Anee wants to be in someone’s arms all day long, and does not want whoever holds her to sit down with her. She is my cutie pitutie ‘keep on moving’ kid. We are very thankful for one thing, the ‘keep on moving’ is not essential all the time. She sleeps well during the night. She is starting to be quite interested in her new brothers and sisters and hopefully soon we will see her toddling around behind them. God sent this precious little one here and for this we are thankful. She has been with us only 6 days but we all say it seems like it has been weeks. She is important to all of us.
If there is anyone interested in sponsoring Anne for the orphanage you may contact me.

JJ and Moise with Anne Mar 27th
Anne with Poppa Luckner
Martha holding Anne for her treatment

We put these three precious ones, along with Ti Luckner, in the hands of the Lord and ask him to help all of us do everything we possibly can to see that they grow up as he would have them do.


~Karen and kids