Yes, I know…. we have been back for nearly a week and this is my first blog. But it is not my fault. The Natcom internet provider in the valley has been down for weeks. We are back to 3G which is as slow as dialup for any others who are old enough to remember those days. So, the internet is restricted to: important HATS related work, a weekly blog, emergency contacts to Canada and the hockey 🏒 scores. Hey, I don’t make the rules!!

Joan and I had a wonderful Christmas in Montreal and a warm welcome back from the kids and staff at HATS. It is nice to be missed and we jumped right back into the swing of life on the compound.

  • Kitchen sink drains need to be unblocked
  • Ti Luc is back in the classroom
  • Window screens have holes…. BOYS!!
  • Homework needs to be supervised
  • “Let’s go for a canal walk”
  • Playing with kids and their new Christmas toys
  • Door knob broken
  • “Can we play hockey again?”
  • We need groceries
  • Where’s the key for the propane tanks?
  • Man that room could use a coat of paint
  • “My bike has a flat”

It’s great to be back…really!!

I think Jim and Sandra ate all the mangoes though as I haven’t had any yet. I hope that will change and soon.

Joan shooing kids out of our apartment after they lugged our bags up on arrival

Keith helping Leica and Dieunel with their math homework

Judel and building blocks

Moise, Anne, Jofky and Sandra doing puzzles

Joan losing to Moise at Battleship

One of our fist jobs after settling in was to deliver notes and letters to some of the sponsored school kids from their sponsors in Canada. There are still several students who could use a sponsor. If you don’t know how to spend the Christmas gift money your Aunt Mabel gave you, this would be perfect. If you got money in your pocket because your New Years’ resolution was to skip Starbucks, this would be perfect.

Contact Liette at or check out our Sponsorship Options page on the website.

Sponsored students are happy students