Both Jim and Dickie are back to good health……well good health for 2 seniors anyway!  Jim still has a cough and Dickie an infected hand!

We discovered there was a problem with the TV stand at the Children’s Home when reorganizing the videos and DVDs. Dickie and Jim took everything out and relocated it (it was heavy) to the work station behind the admin house and did the necessary repairs.  JJ and Moise carried it back after school and everything is back in place once again.

mouse chewed TV stand

The water pipes in the girls shower have been fixed and the walls have been put back ….now just needs to get painted again!  Nicki, a good job for you??

showers in girl’s home being repaired


Showers fixed in Girl’s Home.  Wall ready for paint


Wall from showers in the living room at Girl’s Home.  Painting needed Nicki.

We have had 2 cool nights in a row, thank you Lord!

We started teaching the 6 older ones about money and how to count in gouds and Haitian dollars.  The money itself is all in gouds so can be a bit confusing.  Some stores have the prices in gouds and some in Haitian dollars so they need to know both well.  Karen operates in dollars only so that is how she taught me and I get confused sometimes in gouds.

learning to count money

We set up 2 stores/stalls upstairs and Karen operated the Creole speaking one and I did the English one.  They must only speak and count in English with me and at first they wanted to shop only in Creole so I had to get some interesting things to sell so they would come to me.  It has worked well and they are learning a lot.  I give them an amount of money and they must count it in dollars and tell me how much they have…everyone gets a different amount so they can’t say what another has said.  Some are quick and sharp and others have a bit more work to do, but they are progressing quite well.  It is a lot of fun for them (except when I want to know how much they have in Haitian dollars) and for us.  We will do the store again today and then will just work with money and counting it and changing it etc.

..then a shopping they will go

Keif and Joan arrived back yesterday to cheers, hugs and more hugs!  The children love them and are glad they are back… you suppose Karen is a bit glad too?????

Keif being caught up on HATS stuff after being away for awhile

We were sitting in the galley last night and Dickie said “Sandra quick” I got up to go see what he wanted but before I got there he was on the floor in a pile of broken plastic.  He felt the chair give way but before I got there he was down. He hit his head hard on the cement wall.  We had to take a photo before we helped him up!  Sound familiar to anyone?

I’m too heavy for my chair, too heavy for my chair

Germaine was about to leave for market early this morning. She had laid her large makout in the kitchen while she was getting ready.  When she returned she was unable to lift it off the floor. She removed the cloth that she had on top of it to discover it had a very heavy cement block inside.  Now who, and I ask again who, would do such a thing to Germaine?

Who would put this block in Germaine’s makout and cover it with the red bag.  Who.

Joan is back as teacher for Ti Luc this morning so he is hard at it again. He will feel school with me was a breeze.

The ‘real’ teacher has returned.  Hallelujah!!!


Class continues with math on the blackboard.

Dickie and Jim are electricians this morning, haven’t seen Keif since devotions so maybe he is lying down on the job again.

Electrical repairs


and more plumbing repairs


3 new tubes and tires for Ti Lucs trike


Keif lying down on the job.

Keif arose again.  He was unpacking a ton of good stuff that HATS needed, Dickie had requested, and he had shopped for in Montreal.  Karen says she will have to head to Canada real soon to fund raise so Dickie can repay Keif for all these needed items.

Keif was busy purchasing supplies for HATS

That’s it for today, hopefully someone else will do the next blog, you must be tired of me by now.