She is finally here with us. She came home from the hospital today around noon after spending 15 days there. She spent the remainder of the day here with me – in my arms a lot – and sleeping close by. Eat your heart out Sandra and Cheryl. She is 4-5 weeks old and she weighs 6.2 lbs.

Sandra at hospital May 8th


Baby Sandra approx one month 6.2 lbs

Now for more baby news. I have decided to take another baby desperately in need of help. She is now 6 days old and will likely join us tomorrow afternoon. I was asked to take her at day 3 as her mother had died. I took the weekend to think and pray about it. I am now moving ahead with the arrangements. Will post info and photos of her shortly after she is with us.

Most of you know Ti Luc. If not yet in person then through the blog. You know his story, have followed his progress and have rejoiced with me along the way. He is my ‘special’ little boy (okay not so little anymore) who was a lot smaller than Sandra when I took him. Difficult to believe now how little he was.

Sandra being kissed by big brother Ti Luc

The adoption of Ti Luc is not yet completed. It is in the hands of the government. I, however, have taken a big step of faith and have purchased airline tickets for him and for me to fly to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (to Springdale for Come Home Year) in July. This means the adoption papers need to be in my hands soon. We need the completed paperwork and a passport. Then we will apply for a visitors visa. Three months after the adoption is completed he will become a Canadian citizen, but we cannot wait for that before going to Canada. I have been told that there is a good chance of getting a visa for him when all paperwork is completed. Please join me in prayer for things to move ahead quickly as the change in government here could block things again. Thanks for caring and for praying.

Sandra just home from hospital

I have certainly not forgotten about blogging about my other children. For some strange reason, however, there are only 24 hours in each day and I am still busy as a bee for 18 of them. And again for some strange reason I am getting older, not younger. Not quite sure why these two things are as they are but I have reached a stage in life where I must accept – that I cannot work more than 18 hours per day and must continue getting older. But I will get the blogging about them done someday and hopefully in the not too distant future.

All the children are doing well for which we thank God. I thank God too that I have another lady starting to work with the children on Monday. Antoinette, Magalie, Naomi, and soon Lorette, along with Jessie and myself should be able to handle things. Those of you, however, who know my children may be a little doubtful as you know they are extremely active and mischievous, along with being gorgeous. Now we will have three babies as well as Anne is not yet a year old.

Karena Mariah



God is good and his grace and strength will get us all through each and every day. And through the nights. Ah yes, let’s not forget the nights with three babies. Fun and games. I think that Jessie and Seth might find out, before they expected to, what it is like to have a hungry baby at night. When I see the housemothers getting worn out I can call on Jessie and Seth to pinch hit for a night.

Again thank you for all your support in every way. Definitely cannot do it without you.

HATS motto “Orphans today, leaders tomorrow”. Thanks for helping us see this become a reality in the future.

I T   I S   A L L    A B O U T    T H E   C H I L D R E N

God bless you.

~Karen and kids

PS.. I would like to ask those coming on a workteam with Gerry on May 23rd to put some small disposal diapers in the corners of your suitcases that are not up to maximum weight. Thank you.