We are doing well. The children continue with their schooling, tutoring, and having fun. Precious little baby Sandra is still in the hospital near by but doing well. I expect to have her home and a part of our family on Monday. No doubt the rest of the children will be thrilled to have another baby sister and a very little one at that.

Jessie and Seth continue to get needed things done. Seth is quite the carpenter as it is obvious to see around here. This week he has been building a place to house the new batteries and new bigger inverter which will give more electricity for this building and the compound. The smaller inverter was taken to the house where they live today and Luckner will complete the hooking up of that for them on Monday. They will then have their own electricity supply.

House for batteries and inverter. Door to be finished


New inverter and batteries for electricity for mission

The plan for the new system is to run the generator four hours a day and the batteries will do the rest. O Happy Day. Thank you God for this power source. Am I dreaming? Yes? No? Can it be reality that I can have a freezer and fridge running all the time – just like normal people in North America? I keep pinching myself to see if I wake up. If this is a dream I would prefer to keep on sleeping.

Today Luckner and I interviewed a lady who will join HATS on Monday May 16th as our fourth house mother. We will then have the care we need for the children and be able to give all of them two days off a week. We have a lot of little children now and they need lots of TLC.

Luckner continues to get work done on his community project – Trade School/Radio Station. Yes, Radio Station too. He had a room built on top of the school for a radio station to teach and to send good and godly messages to his people. The cement roof was poured on the radio room this morning.

We are happily awaiting the arrival of a workteam from Canada under the leadership of Gerry Rhyno on May 23rd. Lots of necessary work will be done on the Admin building. Photos and news on that when they are here.

Last Sunday we had a candy hunt for our Children’s Church kids after the service which they all enjoyed. Then in the afternoon we had a hunt on this compound for my kids. What fun they had. Us adults had as much fun as they did enjoying seeing their pleasure. Ti Luc had his but was trying to figure how to get it into his mouth in a hurry. Jofky decided to not wait for the paper to be removed.

Look what I found hidden in the yard


Just finished their hunt in the yard
Cute little Anne


Someone pls help me get it into my mouth

We continue with our walks along the canal as we can. Ti Luc’s stroller has a problem so that and rain some afternoons has caused a problem for our walks. The kids do love to go walking and exploring. Recently they were excited about holding tiny baby frogs.

Judel holding tiny baby frogs


Karena & Jofky out for a walk


Afternoon walk


Afternoon walk – JJ & Moise


Afternoon walk with the kids

This afternoon Jofky and Karena were beautifully playing house. It was a gorgeous thing to see – Ti Mama and Ti Papa.

Ti Mama & Ti Papa happily playing house

I just realized that tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Canada. (I am unsure of the US.) I want to take this opportunity to say HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mothers. I especially say Happy Mother’s Day to my two precious daughters, Dana and Liette. You are two fantastic mothers – single parent mothers – caring the load of bringing up your children and doing a great job of it. I am extremely proud of you both. I am proud to be your mother. Thank you for your support of me and the mothering I do to my 17 children here. Thank you for understanding I need to be here and supporting me in every way. God bless you both! You are loved. You are greatly appreciated.

May God bless all mothers and all the wonderful people who support the work we do with children here at the HATS Mission.