Baby Sandra is doing well here at home with us. She is keeping us even busier but she is worth every moment of extra work and lack of sleep. I, however, am sad to say that the new baby, who was due to join us on Wednesday died Tuesday night. We were ready for her and I had chosen a name for her, but she did not make it.

The children like having baby sister Sandra around. They are enjoying her and loving her. The little ones especially like to watch her being bathed. They are now the big sisters and brothers.

Sandra being bathed


Karena, Jofky & Anne watching in awe

Yesterday Sandra spent most of the day attached to me , sleeping in the sling I had for Ti Luc. Where I went, Sandra went. She had her first walk along the canal with the family yesterday too. The other children thought that was great – little Sandra going walking too.

Peaceful Sandra


Snug as a bug


Sandra’s first walk with Anne, Jofky & Karena


Hide & Seek on our walks


Fun on our walks

A few of our masonery workers are back on site this week to finish preparing the main house (admin bldg/living quarters) for Gerry’s team to work on. We are looking forward to having the team arrive on Monday, May 23rd.

Getting ready for Gerry’s workteam

I cannot blog with our news without also saying Thank You. Thank you again for all the help and support. The work here absolutely cannot be done without all of you.

HATS Motto “Orphans Today, Leaders Tomorrow”. It is “ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN”

Love and God bless you.

~Karen and children