Hello Friends of HATS. My husband Louis and I (Barb) arrived here in Haiti on Monday . It already feels like we are part of the family . Karen runs this beautiful orphanage with 18 children truly like a family filled with love and laughter. Lots of laughter…and lots of smiles-BIG smiles:) There is no child that passes you that doesn’t want a hug . 🙂

Louis with Baby Jonathan, Sandra, Jofky, Karena and Anne

Yesterday was our first day and as I passed the playground the children called out babawa 🙂 creole for barbara…” come play with us ” That was beautiful 🙂 The children start every day with devotions thanking and praising God. Than after breakfast we went to the school that is right here on the compound and consists of about 240 children. There again we joined the morning worship before class. All the children receive a hot meal at lunch. The meal is cooked outside in the scorching heat. The woman and men that serve here are truly amazing and resilient. What an example to us. And they are so happy …happy ,always happy. This is a big” take away “- learn to serve like that !! I love them already.

Louis with Jonathan


Ti Luc enjoying being fed by Barb


Children at HATS school

After that we learned that the Laundry lady is on vacation for two weeks …so I help the house mothers with the laundry… Lots of laundry. Much is washed by hand but there is also a machine. God has graciously provided much to help with the running of this huge home and school.

Barb helping with laundry and teaching some better methods too.

My personal favorite…cold showers :)…LOL..never thought we would have that. WHAT A BLESSING in this heat.

Also there are ladies that prepare three absolutely delicious meals for us…So wonderful. Louis kept busy in the morning helping in the baby orphanage …so jealous :)….He also helps the men with whatever handy work they need him for. On a personal note …the kids are really fascinated with his beard …..That’s funny to watch..

In the afternoon we went to the next town to by a few supplies , came home and went right back out to join Luckner who has a Christian radio station and small convenience store in one of the towns. At Luckner’s Trade School Karen teaches older students English together with Luckner. Well ,yesterday Louis and I got to join in and taught conversational English. It was very fun.. -At the end the students tried to teach me creole.:).

Louis and Barb at Radio Creole


English class at Trade School


English Class

One thing is for sure when you are on mission like this you have to be ready for very spontaneous serving and sharing in every way.

Those of you who know me …I could use some prayer in that area. 🙂 LOL That was a full and busy day. One thing is for sure there is no shortage to know what to do. We literally go from one thing to the next. We haven’t even unpacked all the bags we brought…..just to show you. But because of the heat it’s better to busy.

(Karen here – have to include a photo of my two new friends enjoying mangoes Haitian style.)

Louis & Barb enjoying mangoes

After all the blessings we receive please pray that we are a blessing to them all!! Today one of the mothers that I did laundry with took my arm and said
WE NEED CANADA TO HELP HAITI !!! It’s making me cry as I write this..

Love to all,

~Barbara and Louis