Had a great nights sleep in my tent, a lovely supper last night and the warmest welcome from the kids and ladies.

Visiting time shortly after arrival


Ti Fi is glad the group have arrived


Ti Fi is glad Don has returned


TiFi showing her joy at having Don back


Dickie and Markenson bonding right away


Cathy roped into playing right away


Fun time with the children shortly after arrival

It has been 5 years since my first trip here . There are lots of changes. The girls house is completed and fencing is built around the yard where the children live .

Morning devotions


Wed. morning devotions

We had our first devotion meeting this morning at 7:30am . The singing and worship was wonderful.  I was asked to pray and I was so happy to do so . My heart is overjoyed to be here . I’m blessed and happy to be here. It is going to be a great day. Looking forward to a good week and hope that all I do is for HIS GLORY.

First day jobs getting done.


Karen’s newest Christmas decoration – just arrived


Christmas things being put away


New shower curtains for kid’s homes


Terry checking out Dickie’s tool room

Note from Sandra

Cathy arrived with no luggage and the clothes she is wearing have been bought on the street or from Germaine’s wardrobe! Watch the blog for her wardrobe.  It is humbling to have no underwear, toothbrush, hair brush or clothes BUT she is a wonderful sport about it all!  We have been generous offering all of our supplies, but some of the male stuff just doesn’t cut it!