I arrived safely after three long flights.  I touched down on Haitian soil to find out there was a blokese in P A P due to the collapsed bridge.  We had to take a detour route through Port au Prince and alley ways but it got me to Luckner’s safely.

Mariah’s first Haitian meal shortly after landing


Airport to Deschapelles

I pretended I was selling things from their business when the children arrived to see Luckner and Rose Lore after church.  There were a lot of amazed and shocked faces until they processed the fact that I was real. Then it was hugs and smiles and giggles.  It was great to meet Nicki and Mike and Keith and Joan.  When we came to the HATS Mission site it was good to surprise three of the house mothers.  Tomorrow it will be fun to see the other employees.

Ti Luc a tad happy to have Mariah here


Welcome Mariah


The surprise – Mariah is here


JJ now much taller than Mariah

We had an enjoyable walk along the canal where the children really enjoyed the cheese strings I brought them – a first for them.

Mama Mariah and Ti Mariah

We had a wonderful dinner of BBQ chicken started by Joan and Nicki and finished by Keith and Mike  – they used charcoal from the school’s supply and cooked it on the recho.  Karen said it was her best meal ever in Haiti.

Enjoying a mango

Then I was putting Ti Luc to bed before writing this blog.  I failed at that part of the day as I had a wonderful nap on Ti Luc’s bed and he ended up on the floor until Grammy and Nicki got me up and Ti Luc in his bed properly.  Tired maybe from all the travel and very little sleep??