Well we have made it!!!! My heart is smiling, I am smiling, SMILES ALL AROUND!!!!!!!  It seems like yesterday that I was here, but it was exactly a year ago today that I was getting on that plane in Halifax and balling my eyes out waving bye to Dad from the plane!  Thank you so much to everyone who has made it possible for me to come to Haiti yet again (I think I am going to end up crying by the end of this blog!)

First of all God is good!!! Already there have just been so many God things that have happened and that I am so grateful for!  I met up with Beate yesterday in Miami and with Starbucks in hand started for the hotel.  We met up with Emily and Hannah later and went swimming before an early bedtime.  This morning started at 3:40!!!!! (Well technically 12:30 if you count Beate’s watch going off in the middle of the night! :P)  I got to ride in my very first yellow cab today (an exciting life I lead eh!?)  We got through customs and everything SUPER FAST!!!!  Got some breakfast and started playing the waiting game.  The plane ride started when Beate and I volunteered to sit in the emergency exit seat!  Hilarious I know, but lots of leg room was to be found there along with some time to study the instructions on how to open up that emergency door if need be.  Just so you all know me and Beate studied that thing like a BOSS and if anything had of happened our game plan would have made for the safest emergency landing ever… Just saying)  Anywhooo, the flight went by super duper fast, Beate and I were woken up by the announcement saying that we were landing in 30 minutes and were shocked that it went by that fast (we may have fallen asleep).

We got off the plane and found our bags not a problem and next thing I know …….. KARENNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!   Well we were off to the races, hugs and hugs and more hugs, into the van and off to HATS we go!!!!!!  So much to see, so much to look at!!  You really don’t want to miss anything!!!  We stopped at “Bon Jean” which is a Haitian Burger King, so much fun just to see it and the grocery store as well!  Next stop…. HATS!!!!!

Almost ready to head to the mission

The kids made us the CUTEST sign EVER and it was waiting on the gate when we came in, and then all of the kids and their BEAUTIFUL FACES!!!!!!!!!
Hi (<–that is from JJ)

Arrived at the mission

They were all singing O Canada, SOOOOO beautifully!! It was so special, and then HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!  From hugs we went right into Canada Day celebrations, stickers, flags, the whole nine yards!!!!  We had some different races and other activities that we did as well!!!!

This week is going to go by sooooooo very fast, but I am trying to just soak it all in like a sponge!!!  I am so excited to see all that God has in-store for not only this organization and everyone involved but our week as well, some exciting times are in the near future!!!  SUPPER TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Beate’s turn:
Hellllloooooo from sunny Haiti. I was pretty excited when the pilot announced that it was only 78 degrees. Then Karen quickly reminded us that it was only 9 a.m.  …and now…probably around 36 with the humidity.  It was great to meet up with Emily and Hannah at the hotel in Miami, and we got up around 3:20 a.m. to catch our 6:50 flight. All went without a hitch. This is my 3rd trip to HATS, and it sure feels like coming home to family and friends. Everyone is so welcoming and loving here. And what a sight to see the kids all singing O’Canada to us as we drove into the compound with Lois conducting.  This is my first time meeting the Reimer family, and it took two seconds to see how fantastic they are.  What a great afternoon they had planned for us to celebrate Canada Day.

It didn’t take long to tattoo the kids (and us) with flags, maple leafs and hockey players (I think Josie gets the prize for the most “ink” and stickers on her body).

Canada Stickers and Tattoos


Our Canada girl Josie


Our Canada Day party boy.

We then had a fun-filled time with some friendly competition relay races like “egg on a spoon,” “potato sack races” “three legged-race,” (but had to cancel the wheel barrow competition due to the thunder storm).

Egg Races

Did I say friendly…hmmm…check out the competition between Ti-Luc (with his side-kick Kathleen) and Ti Fi (with her accomplice Beate)…. okay, they wiped out on their own, it wasn’t Ti Fi or I who tripped them….I think it was a tie in the end.

Ti Luc with Kathleen & Ti Fi with Beate in sack race #1


Ti Luc with Kathleen & Ti Fi with Beate in sack race #2


Ti Luc and Ti Fi in sack race # 3


Germaine & Martha are good sports


Watch those Halifax girls go


Jonathan & Sandra in sack race

We had a delicious meal prepared for us (both lunch and dinner), and after devotions began to unpack the suitcases. Thank you so much to everyone who helped out. The gifts and medications etc. are so needed and welcomed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.   (Photos coming tomorrow.)

HATS Director and the Team Leader

Okay, I’m signing off now. Emily and Hannah will blog tomorrow. Love to all…