We travelled from the airport to  HATS Haiti in a nice air conditioned bus!  It was a nice delightful drive and we noticed a lot of improvements and development along the way.

Watch out HATS-Haiti, here we come.


Nfld and Haiti brothers happy to be together again

We were too tired last night to write a blog.  It is extremely hot and humid BUT we are having fun and working and in a couple of days we won’t even notice it! I hope you are right, Dickie.

For those who love to play with the kids, this would be the perfect trip!  They were all out of school when we arrived.  It is wonderful to arrive here in the middle of the day and have some time with them before bed.

We worked in the school office gluing textbooks.

Just arrived and hard at work on textbooks

We had a short walk along the canal.

While on our walk along the canal


Young boy doing his chores, as we walked along the canal

We had devotions with the kids before bed and did some paper work for school sponsorships.

About to start evening devotions
Evening devotions. Karena asleep with Sandra

Everyone was in bed early, we all had a few short nights

After a delicious breakfast we went to school for devotions and are shortly going to do school photos and letters.  I haven’t seen Dave Buckle since devotions but I am sure he is still here.  Yup, he is still here, he showed up for lunch!

I am happy to report that photos and letters have been done for grades 3-6!  I am sure that preschool to grade 2 will not go as quickly or as smoothly.

Karen, Dickie, Dave and Richard are going to Saint Marc to buy some supplies.  Others are going to paint an office at the school and others do more work on school photos etc.

We will write more tomorrow.