It was a wonderful week.  You are both missed so very much today.

Liette, it is always a joy to have you here.  This time it was only Luckner and I awaiting your arrival with excitement and anticipation, as I decided to surprise the children and employees. They all loved the surprise of seeing you climb out of the truck. Your time here is always too short.  Each day seems to pass so quickly – perhaps due to all we try to pack into a 24 hour period. Your arrival is always exciting and your time is special, meaningful and a lot of fun.  Your departure, however, is anything but exciting, special and fun – it is sad and difficult to see you leave.   You left today and I am already waiting for your return.

Liette & Rick’s arrival at PAP airport


Godmother Liette with godson JJ


Walk along river edge with older kids


Patiently waiting for us in Verrettes

Rick, I did not know what to expect when I knew a friend of Liette’s was coming, someone who was interested in Haiti and wanted to experience what HATS was about.  I figured if you were a friend of Liette’s you must be ‘somewhat okay’.   It did not take very long for me to know that you were ‘a lot more okay, than somewhat’.  You are a great guy, with a crazy sense of humour that matches ours.  I enjoyed seeing you accept everything you saw, heard, smelled, and experienced while here.  All of us at HATS grew to quickly love you.   On your last blog you mentioned a dog’s breakfast and a cat’s meow.   You, my new friend, are the epitome of ‘the dog’s breakfast and the cat’s meow, rolled into one.’

Rick going to leave the compound for a run. Security will follow on moto


Afternoon walk


Mr. Blogger in fine form


Almost home from an early morning walk

Thank you for accepting me, the children, Luckner, the employees, and everything you experienced here.  It is a different world here than what you are used to but you fit in beautifully.  Thank you for blogging your experiences while here and doing so in a candid and humourous manner.  As many of our followers said ‘it was good to read and follow it through the eyes of a first timer’.   I am awaiting your return also.

Arrival at airport


Difficult for me to see them leave

No matter who comes to help, or if we are on our own – what we do here is  –

A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N

Blessings everyone.  Happy Easter!!