Well here I am in Haiti and so far it has been an amazing experience. We arrived on Tuesday to glorious heat…it is minus something in Montreal, not something I even want to think about tonight.

We started at 7:30 this morning and have been on a world wind tour ever since. Lots of fun seeing all that Karen has done here for the kids.

A beautiful home for the boys and girls, separate buildings that are painted such a fun shade of purple. The kids were busy sorting their clothes today, even the little ones. I think that Karena was the youngest at 3. We took a walk along the canal that is just across the road. I use the word road loosely as it is more like a cow path and the kids were singing as we went along.

We saw the school next door. No kids of course as the Christmas break doesn’t end till Monday. Being a teacher myself, I was really interested in seeing the classrooms. New buildings and classrooms clean for next term. I so wish that I could send down half of what is in the classrooms at my school!

We visited the place that Karen first lived in and actually started her orphanage in and heard so many stories about her adventures. I will remember the cockroach one for a while.

We brought 10 bags with us full of donations from Air Canada employees. School supplies for the school next door and blankets that the kids here at the orphanage are using tonight. The temperature drops this time of year and they get cold at night. Karen was saying that they like to sleep on the floor as well, so the blankets will be well used.

It is amazing to see how God has provided, protected and looked after Karen and the kids here. What she has accomplished here is mind boggling! God is so good!

I will be sad to leave tomorrow. I’ve picked out just a few pictures of the precious children that are here. Enjoy!

Joan, J.J. and the babies, Jonathan and Sandra


Keith and the babies in Air Canada bags


The kids with Air Canada bags

~Joan and Keith Wight