Another day of paint, paint and more paint.  The crew here wants to WORK.  They start early in the day and don’t finish until 4 pm or so when they can’t do anymore.  Today, the outside of the school was completed and it looks fantastic.  What great work the group has done so far!

Team hard at work painting

Today was a Haitian holiday so there was no school which meant lots of little people running around all day.  They were thrilled to play with playdo this morning and then have a chance to watch a brand new Stuart Little (La petite souris) this afternoon.

JJ happy with his playdo lizard

At the end of the day, we had a chance to take the kids out for a little walk along the canal which is a highlight.  Notice the pink boots – they are the most popular footwear item at the children’s home.  The kids LOVE them and argue over whose turn it is to wear them.  Next time I come to Haiti, I’m bringing rain boots for everyone.  Who would have guessed!

Dieunel, JJ and Karma walking the canal

On our canal walk, the sky was beautiful and the countryside looked so incredibly peaceful, it’s hard to believe all of the turmoil and hardship Haiti is going through right now.  One obvious sign that people have heard the message about cholera and aren’t taking any chances is that the canal is deserted.  A few months ago, you would see boys swimming, men bathing and women washing clothes in the canal.  Now, there is no one.

Peaceful canal

Mariah’s biological father came today with his family and we had a very nice visit together.  The kids are super cute and were very happy to come and visit and play with the toys at the house.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to send them home with some new clothes and shoes to bless them with.  As always, they bring what they can to bless us – this time it was a big bag of bananas and a live chicken.

Mariah’s biological dad and family

We also had a visit from Liette’s good friend David, who is an amazing young man who teaches English at four schools in Verrettes.  He was thrilled to receive the English books and school supplies that we were able to bring for him.  More old friends of Liette, John Chew, Annie Frederique and their three boys came by to visit.  Mariah was good friends with their son Josué when they were 2 years old and lived side-by-side in Deschappelles.   They have recently moved back to Haiti to do reconstruction and community development after spending 10 years in the United States.

We have been told that the blog needs more reflection and personal insight.  I tried to convince someone (anyone) to do the blog today with insight and profound thoughts, but after a shower and a good dinner, everyone just wanted to head to bed, so it’s me again tonight.  I’ll do my best to convince someone else to update the blog tomorrow.