The day started quite early with Bob and Karen being interviewed on CBC radio from Gander and Cornerbrook at 05:30 and 05:50 respectively. The usual questions.

To those of you that did not know, Bob and Elaine’s son Gordon and his friend Jon have a band called Wading For Mark. Today we posed in their t-shirts in front of the HATS sign which is on the outside wall of the compound. We did this in support of Gordon and Jon. We felt this would give them something to put on their site.

Everybody Wading For Mark
Bob still Wading For Mark

Just before dinner Luckner called us all out to the yard. When we went out the lights were on in the Timbrmart House for the first time. This house will be used to house some of the children.
The house is basically finished except for windows, door and paint.

 Luckner and helper wiring new children’s home

The very hot painters are painting the Master Bedroom of the mission house. As in most jobs we do on the Compound we do it with limited or the wrong supplies. However the painters made up for any lack of equipment.

Karen sent a Taptap to Port to bring back some supplies including Formica countertop to keep Dave happy

Cathy, Lisa, Cheryl and Karen went to the Hospital for a tour of the facilities. We are all thankful for our Health Care System.

Don helped with the painting today and actually had sweat on his brow.(Comment by Lisa)

Don poses with roller, notice no paint on him

Dave, Ken and Bob continue the cabinet making in the Mission house kitchen.

Jim and Dickie finally finsihed all the repairs to the Water System. This is the first time since we arrived that we have 4 working tanks.

Dickie working on water system

The workers started to level the ground and lay rebar for the new driveway. The new fence to keep the children away from the driveway will be done last.

Sandra is continuing with the payroll, clothes distribution and anything Karen can find for her.

Grade 6 gets new clothes

We are all aware that our time here is getting short.