Another beautiful day in beautiful Haiti.  Some of us would like it a little cooler, but we have to live with the fact that God is in control not us, thankfully and we have to bless that wonderful fact. We are alive today and enjoying his wonderful creation, in a place where there are such beautiful people.

This fact was brought home to me this morning, in amazing abundance. On other trips here and for the first few days I stood in the back of three classrooms, that had been opened up, for morning devotions. This morning the other seven , blancs, on this Team, Don Huxter, Jim Steer, Dickie & Sandra MacDonald, Dave Buckle, Bob Huxter, & Lisa Edison, plus Director of HATS Karen Huxter. I went to the front of the room so I could becloser to the children and see them better. It was a great decision. I was up front with several of their teachers, and being the only Blanc it seemed like all of the children were looking right at me. They were scrubbed up as clean as a whistle, there faces sparkling and their hair and uniforms done immaculately. Their eyes sparkled like diamonds, and I was looking into the faces of over fifty children in the first few rows. They start school here at age three – Pre School 1,2,&3. The three year olds were in the first few rows, then the four year olds, and so on. I have never seen such a beautiful looking bunch of children in my life. They were all staring on me and a lump came up into my throat and I had to fight to keep the tears in. I’m not telling anyone else this, but I know where I’m going to be standing for school devotions again.

Morning devotions at school

Jim, Sandra, Bob, Don & Lisa were working on the school sponsorship program.  This involves getting the children to come out for a photograph, holding a large piece of paper, with their name on it, so they can send it to that students’ sponsosr.  Each of the students send a sheet of info to their sponsor with the picture. They have been doing this for several days and I helped them with it to some of the time in the past few days.

Preschool I students looking for sponsors


Grade 9 class doing letters to sponsors

This morning Dickie had a few work projects on the go for him, Dave and I.  They re-hung some doors for improved people movement, while I worked on making a new step for some stairs and re-making parts to a security gate to keep the children from going up the stairs to the second level.

The Assistant Director of HATS, and school Principal, Luckner Estimable has been working very hard for Hats and has been extremely busy.  So we arranged to have a small surprise party for him, while we were here, to thank him and show our appreciation.   It was a lot of fun being with him and all the children and staff all together this afternoon.

Team Canada with Karen & Luckner at HATS-Haiti


Papa Luckner & Ti Luckner at the party


Luckner and Dickie at the party


Don cleaning out cake pan to share with kids

Did I say the weather was too hot?  Dickie, Dave and I have moved our little screen tents up on the roof of the top floor.  There is more breeze up there, the stars are bright and the Haiti night sounds, as those of you who have been here will know, are like night music.  One night there was a lightening storm, so we had to move our tents down to the roof on the second level.  This has been another amazing adventure trip, that I wish you all could experience.