One thing only was left over from the list that Keith did for the Springdale team. ¬†I had added more to Keith’s list and those things too were completed. ¬†There was a rather good reason that the one thing was not finished – we had no wood on hand to do it. ¬†The storage room inside our multipurpose (devotions/meetings) room was known to have termite tracks. ¬†Not good.

On Thursday Eden (who does a lot of working with wood for Luckner and I) came to take a look, see what was needed and went to St Marc to purchase it.  Often with a termite problem there are more problems than can be readily seen.  This was the case on Thursday too.  Eden purchased wood and started removing what was obvious.  We certainly had not purchased enough.  Off he went again for a lot more.  He had to remove all 2x4s as well as all plywood.

Where are the walls of our storage depot

On Friday we didn’t start our day with devotions as is usual as we had no room in which to do so. ¬†On Friday, however, the job was completed and on Saturday the children and I put things back in the depot. ¬†Another job well done.

Storage depot back – new wall. Judel taking a photo of Mama

Keith, your list is completed but I am already starting another one.  Never a blank page here on things that need doing as you well know.

On Friday our school held it’s usual Day Trip to the beach. ¬†Just about all schools in Haiti have a yearly ‘day outing’ to the beach. ¬†Three of our HATS kids went – JJ, Moise and Djemima. ¬†Next year most likely Leica, Ti Luc and Dieunel will also get to go. ¬†It was a successful and enjoyable day for the students who went. ¬†This year two buses were needed for transportation as well as Luckner’s vehicle and Luckner’s truck. ¬† Tomorrow exams start for our Grade 7 – 10 students. ¬†On Tuesday our elementary students will start their exams. ¬†Our school year is almost finished.

Outside school early morning to see students off to beach for the day


School director Luckner, laying down the law before calling names to enter bus


Full of students. Leaving for the beach

I would like to remind sponsors of our school students to PLEASE send in your sponsorship funds as soon as possible. ¬†We need your sponsorship funds so we can purchase fabric for uniforms to be made for your student and we need to start purchasing text books by beginning of July. ¬† If we delay due to your funds not arriving we will not find the amount of books we need or we will find only copies that fall apart within a month or two of use. ¬†Please take note and send your funds to Dickie in Yarmouth so we can take care of the school needs of your student. ¬†This education you are giving your student is of major importance in the child’s life and that of the child’s family. ¬†Thank you so very much for caring for the student and paying for his/her education again for this next year.

Today, Sunday, we had a fun visit once again from our new Canadian police friends who work in Haiti with the UN РValerie, Veronique and Guillaume.  Today they brought another colleague with them РCarl from France.  Thanks to the Newfoundland team that left on Monday, especially to Jenny, we had a fun cooling down water fight with the children.  We had the fun without having to do any work to prepare.  Jenny and friends had prepared three buckets of water balloons for last Sunday afternoon.  We, however, got wet and cooled down naturally last Sunday when the sky opened and the rain poured.  Thank you Jenny and team for preparing for us for today.  It was a hot one and  we appreciated every balloon.

Our new friends know how to water fight


Water ballons are fun


Watch out for Moise guys


Go get them Veronique


Being wet feels good


Photo while wet after water fun


Was great having you again. Come back please.

Veronique, Valerie and Guillaume brought a few things to us again today which included two good tennis rackets.  JJ and Moise were in this yard playing tennis almost before the UN vehicle had cleared the compound.  They loved every minute of it.

JJ and Moise playing tennis

Once again I want to say a big thank you to every person who has supported this mission in the past or still are supporting HATS in any way.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You are all greatly appreciated.

May God bless you each and every one as you bless the children in Haiti.

I T    I S     A L L     A B O U T     T H E     C H I L D R E N