It has been two weeks since I last blogged.  The only excuse I have is summed up in one word “busy”. Some things that we have done since Don and team left are being told here with photos:

–  A fun water fight/play day with the children organized by Brad and Lois.

Water fun. Brad helping Ti Luc get other kids wet


Sandra and Jonathan in water fight

–  Anne’s 3rd birthday with a little party.

Sandra wishing Anne a happy birthday


This cake is good

–  Luckner has had a crew on site for awhile redoing plumbing lines that were never done properly in first place.

Luckner at septic tank entrance with his crew


JJ supervising


The boss giving directions

–  Constructing a bathroom in the Boy’s Home.

Old kitchen in Boy’s Home being turned into bathroom


Boy’s Bathroom

–  Our school IMKH had our yearly fun day at the beach yesterday.

School trip to beach
  • Normal antics onsite.
Two precious daughters caught in the act of doing what they should not


Four youngest playing hide and seek with Mama Karen

Now we are looking forward to a team arriving Monday being led by Keith and Joan Wight.   More blogging and photos will come from the team next week.

You will see from these photos that what we do here truly –


Love and God bless everyone.

~Karen and gang