Sunday evening Karen and I, accompanied by security guard Richard, spent an hour being tourists. We drove to Ti-Rivière which is south of HATS in the Black Hills and is the site of fort dating back to the French colonial days. As yet it has not been restored but the views of the Artibonite Valley are spectacular.

Laundry and bath day




Richard and Karen




Haitian houses


Lush farmland


Driving back we came upon a naked gymnast who performed back flips for us. Karen needed these pictures for her award winning grand-daughter Ariane in Calgary. Viewer discretion was advised!

I attended flag raising at the school this morning. The kids all look so clean and keen in their school uniforms. The class rooms are stark with little light and only a blackboard but this school has one of the best academic records in the area.

The Haitian Flag


Flag raising


Off to class


Secondary classroom

The rest of the day I finished up some jobs on the compound. Yesterday’s emergency plumbing repair got a more permanent fix, the blue bathroom cabinets are ready for the new missionaries and the school kitchen exterior has been painted the world famous Aqua Chintz!!




Karen’s clinic now has 3 kids home from school and we hope that it doesn’t spread throughout the compound.