Is there an  A M B E R  A L E R T  for adults??

Amber Alert was set up as a system to alert people to help find children who have gone missing.   HATS-Haiti does not have any missing children, – we do, however, appear to have two adults missing.

We have been looking for but have been unable to locate two of the HATS-Haiti personnel.  They are Canadians, Joan and Keith Wight,  called ‘blan’ by people outside of HATS , but inside the mission compound known as Kief and Jon.

Joan Wight known at HATS-Haiti as Jon


If anyone sees Jon please return her to HATS-Haiti


Cap-i-tan Kief missing since Tuesday


Anyone seeing this man please report it to HATS-Haiti


MISSING Kief & Jon. If seen please hold for return to HATS-Haiti.

If you see either, or both, of these people please detain them, take good care of them, and get in touch with Karen. A reward is offered for the safe return of this couple.  Safe return to HATS-Haiti, not the safe return to Montreal, Canada.

Thank you.


Special Update: added at 4:20 HATS Daylight Saving Standard Time. (see Keiths blog of Nov 30th for explanation of time)

Oops, I did not for one second think that people would take my blog today about Keith and Joan being missing seriously.  I already blogged on Wed saying Bye and Thank you to them.  Guess I had better realize that some people do not see all the blogs.It was meant as a joke as they are missed big time here at HATS.
Sorry if some thought I was serious.
God bless.