After devotions this morning I (Sandra) headed to the school with Karen to get five sets of grade 2 text books and 2 sets of grade one! It took a little longer than we expected and we were there until recess time which is always a joy to watch.

Preparing textbooks for some grades 1 & 2 students

Dickie was busy with a sewer line…a crappy job, but needed to be done. He was busy with water lines, sinks, doors and many other chores …including fixing the gun! Jim was working on the computer again and came to school for recess with a snack for the children, helped Dickie with the water line, helped sort and distribute clothes etc. and got adopted by Karena.

Dickie deserves a medal. This time he has his head and hands in the septic tank again.

After lunch we gave out more food to needy families, gave shoes to all the ladies
working at HATS, shirts to all the male employees, clothes and sleepwear to all the children. We had a short drive to Luckner’s in the back of the truck to try to cool off and get some cold pop.

Food ready for distribution


Parents taking food home to their children who are students in our school


Papa of another preschool student picking up food


New duds


pleased with the new clothes


sorry Mariah, she picked me.

We just finished devotions with the children and are heading to bed soon…it has been very hot the last few days and the best place to sleep is in Karen’s bed and we have all threatened we were going there tonight.

for explanation of this picture see blog post of Jan 11, 2013