Beate wrote first and now it is my turn. Everything has been full of excitment and its only our first full day! Yesterday we landed in Port-Au-Prince and got hit with the heat in as soon as we were off the plane. We got to meet Luckner and Ti Luc in the parking lot and it was just smiles and hugs everywhere!

Beate and Ti Luc happy to be reunited

The drive to HATS was marvelous! So many things to see and talk about! I cannot get over the mountains and the water, it is so beautiful! On our way here we stopped for a pee break and got some really yummy mango carrot juice. When we got to HATS the children were all outside waiting for our arrival. They were so excited to see us and we were just as excited if not more. Everyone greeted us with lots of hugs and smiles, it is like we are already part of the family. Everything is so exciting, new things to see and experience everywhere.

Pee break stop


Kathleen & Rebecca enroute to mission – air conditioned van no less. Eat your heart out other teams who have come

We had some great devotional time this morning; it was truly uplifting and a great way to start the day. God has blessed us with a safe journey here and the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this week, he has already taught me so much already so I cannot wait to see what else is to come!

Devotions – first morning with the group


Watching Yogi Bear with the kids