It’s hard to believe that it’s Friday already.  The time goes by so quickly.  We’ve been a busy bunch for sure, but also have had time to relax and get to know each other.  Emily and Hannah made it through the night at the sleepover (two nights ago) even though little Jose kept them up all night snoring.

We finished most of the black boards yesterday and only need one more coat on a couple of them. It was a small job, but rewarding to know we helped in some small way.

Usually in the afternoon we have to go inside for a few hours because of the heat. I spent some time with Ti Luc on the computer. It thrills me to no end to see how he is blossoming. I thank God for all of the people who create technology (even though we curse it all the time).  I only had to show Ti Luc once, and he learned how to create a file for his documents, use Word Art to make funky lettering, insert a clip art picture….but remember this folks…here is
this young boy, maneuvering the mouse pad with his toes and managing to find the teeny tiny arrows on a word document that allows him to change the font colour.  I wish you could have seen the excitement, the jumping up and down, when Ti Luc sent a letter to his momma who was in the office behind us, via email.  He also created the last blog with JJ…

Ti Luc writing the first page of a book for Mama

There are a lot of things to be grateful for. I try to practice gratitude each day by listing things I am thankful for and coming here to Haiti and seeing all of the wonderful things that are happening at this children’s home and in the community  increases my list a hundredfold.

Here are some of the things that we are all grateful for:

Karen, Karen, Karen, Karen,

smiles and hugs from the kids,

Yeah. Kathleen is back


Emily with Ti Luc & Moise


Smiles and hugs galore


Sandra and Hannah

and her wonderful meals,

the house mothers who care so much for the children,

Playtime at Kid’s Home

tarantula’s so far,

Nothing like this yet!!!

the cooling rain,

water fights,

Water fights are needed in 40+ temps

God isn’t bound by

hugs from all

JJ (JJ put that but it is true nonetheless),

J J.

our tents,

5 star accommodations at HATS

the wonderful gifts people sent with us,


any breeze,

the school next door,

beautiful singing voices at devotions,

Beautiful morning devotions

the sunny skies, trees and flowers,

frogs we can scare Cifila and Magalie (two of the
house moms) with,

Two housemothers terrified of this little guy

our friends and family at

Last night we had another torrential downpour and thankfully, JJ and Moise, came to rescue us brooms in hand. We pushed the water away, and therefore had a dry sleep.

Vladimy came up to play dice games with us. Talk about laughing our heads off. I’m not competitive, but I did win both games…yooooo hooooo! Bye for now.

This is it!!!!



We started off the morning with devotions of course, and they were WONDERFUL!!!!!  The dependence that these people have on the Lord is something that makes me as a North American woman look at my life and how I live and try to reevaluate accordingly.  Everyone here at HATS is just so thankful for everything and God is the center of everything, they are fully reliant on God and thankful for everything that he is doing. It is so easy for us to live our lives worrying about everything and relying only on ourselves and being so consumed by life itself that we do not take the time to realize how much God loves us and wants what is best for us.  No matter what happens we do not need to rely on our own strength, in life all we need is God, with him all things are possible.  It is easy to say but a lot more difficult to live out from day to day when we live in a culture that has so much stuff.  This lesson was evident today in devotions that is for sure!

After devotions Beate and I finished the chalk boards over at the school, which are looking beautiful I might add.  After that we took the kids down to a roaming clinic where they all got some medicine. It was a short walk but a nice time to be with all of the kiddies.  As for the rest of the day we are headed to Verrettes.

Hopefully all goes well!  Thank you to all of the people who have helped all of us be able to get to Haiti this year, it is really something amazing to be able to come down to HATS and spend time just loving on everyone.  So to you thank you thank you thank you!!