At 4:30 this morning I found my alarm clock. I think he would look very good on the Bar-BQ but it may not be great for good neighborly relations with the family at the rice machine. So I guess he’ll just keep waking me early.

My alarm clock

I spent most of the day painting. I finished the kitchen at the missionary house after 4 coats changing it from blue to white. I had forgotten how strong smelling oil paint is. It’s good that all the windows and doors are open all day.

Blue kitchen


White kitchen


More white kitchen

While painting I thought the toxic fumes were getting to me, I kept hearing a Salvation Army band! Actually it was a funeral procession going down along the canal in front of the school. The band actually had a pretty good New Orleans marching swing.







School kids came to watch too.

This afternoon I did some tricycle repairs. Seats and wheels all needed work and of course creative repairs are mandatory.

Tricycle repairs


Creative wheel repair

After homework helper time some of the kids gathered in the devotion room for arts and crafts with Msta. Keith.

Arts and crafts

Did you ever fell like you wanted to send a kid to the moon?
I did today and Jofky was the volunteer. At least he had his space helmet.

And that smile saved him once again.

To the moon Jofky


My smiling little buddy