It’s a quiet Sunday here at HATS. It’s hot and humid and everyone is tired from the party and a long work week. We all went to church this morning at the school. Karen preached and really challenged the group. The congregation was mostly school kids and a few young adults. The singing was amazing, they really know how to sing and sway and the drums provide a great beat.

Carlin doing a solo for us


Carlin’s second solo


Some of our HATS kids singing

After lunch everyone pretty well did their own thing. The older kids washed the truck and the little ones played. Some of the keeners even did their homework and some napped.

Truck cleaning is a good play time with water


Great way to cool down in heat and humidity

Ti Luc and I put together his birthday gift – an Airbus A330 bump and go airplane. He loves it and so do the other boys.

Wow. Ti Luc wants to fly him and Mama to Canada in his plane. I suggested Keith fly it instead.

It is starting to cool off a little – less than 30C so it is time for a little hockey. At 4PM the older boys are playing soccer at the school.