Yesterday was bicycle day here at the HATS Mission. The children were thrilled when Luckner and I surprised them with bicycles to share and enjoy. Two bikes are not for all to share. The special trike for ‘special’ children which was purchased by TIM-BR Mart in Canada for Ti Luc and an adult bike for Vladimy. The special trike is already a tremendous blessing for Ti Luc. Yesterday when the bikes were given, Ti Luc did not have to sit and watch the other children. O Happy Day!!! He, too, had one and he was one excited boy. Once he had his runners on and we had his feet attached to the pedals he was off and running. His ‘special’ trike can be steered by someone from behind, as well as in the normal fashion, which is exactly what we need by Ti Luc. We did not have to do a lot of steering for him but it is extremely helpful that we are able to do so.

A bunch of happy children


Learning to bike ride

We have a total of seven now (including the two little ones for Sandra, Anne, Jofky and Karena). I am already seeing that perhaps we need one more, a little smaller than adult size, but little bigger than what we purchased. We purchase them secondhand in St. Marc. All the children were anxious to ‘try’ and were yelling for a chance and for help so they could get going. Lots of excitement and happy faces.

Sandra riding bike too

Thank you to Brian Bowers and TIM-BR Mart for the wonderful gift of the ‘special trike’ for Ti Luc. It is well suited to this ‘special’ boy. It is what he needs.

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Ti Luc says -Thank you very much for my bike

Thank you to the group in Yarmouth who donated funds for us to purchase bikes for the other children. May God bless each and every one of you.

Ti Luc on his new bike.  Getting a feel for it.

Now, once again, I have a photo for my precious sister, Sandra. Just to let her know that we are indeed doing our best to find most of these cute, not so little, critters before she returns. This one was found yesterday morning in Mirlande’s bedroom.

One more for my precious sister

Thanks for continuing to support, and work with, those of us here on the front lines. We appreciate you all very much.

Always remember in everything you do where you are, and in everything we do here at the mission, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN

~Karen and crew