This blog is a poem…(one of several poems) that was written last summer by a man, Max Osmond, from my home town in Springdale, Newfoundland.  He knew a little about the story of Ti Luc and how I was told to throw him away as he would never walk, never talk, never learn anything etc, etc.

I have been rereading them and want to share this one with you.

He was just a babe
Born crippled and lame
No one wanted him
Then a lady came
Baby could only sleep if tightly wrapped and head was supported


And the lady said
Don’t throw him away
I’ll take him home
With me he can stay


Baby Ti Luc with Dickie


But he is no good
Like this he’ll always be
Give that baby to me please
About that God will see


Being looked after by HATS security so Mama Karen could shower
The physician said
The boy will never talk
He will be paralyzed
He will never walk.


My baby boy


Don’t ever say that
Never again please
She took that little boy
Fell before God upon her knees


My little Aunt Jemima boy


She said
God, I believe
That he will do fine
When I receive
I believe
He will talk
I believe
He will walk


Loves his  play chair


I believe
That some day
He will be a leader
About this I pray
He will die they said
If left alone
Lord, I take him
Now for my own
Today I take
This little child I receive
To be my son
Lord, in you I believe.


Mama Karen’s happy little guy


There were struggles
Along the way
Couldn’t get through
If did not pray


Ti Luc being treated for asthma at hospital


Born crippled
A boy so small
But God would get him
Through it all
Could not suck
With an eye dropper fed
By adopted mom
And Jesus led
Thank you Jesus
For this life you give
I promise you
This boy will live


Ti Luc with friend Lynn


It would be a struggle
This lady knew
But with Jesus’ help
They would get through


Loved sitting in basin seeing himself


Wants to drive Papa Luckner’s motorcycle

TiLuc is now 10. He has CP but he is very active. He is bright, does his school work with his feet, using blackboard, ipad and laptop. He is funny and loves to play pranks, enjoys playing soccer, is a sensitive, caring and helpful boy, does well in school, loves Canada and is now a Canadian citizen.  He is indeed a special child and I am blessed and proud to call him ‘son’.