This was a great weekend!  We had a play in church and TiFI came home. All was well with the world, at least the world at HATS. The story in the Bible of the Good Samaritan begins with a lawyer (Djemima) asking Jesus (JJ),  “Who is my neighbor?”

JJ as Jesus and Djemima as the lawyer


The robbers waiting in the wings

Jesus answers the lawyer with the story of the man who was travelling to Jericho, and was robbed and beaten and left for dead by the side of the road. Moise played the man travelling.

Moise getting beaten


Dieunel and Judel the robbers

Along came a priest, a Levite and a Samaritan. Dieunel and Judel doubled as the robbers and the priest and Levite and there were a few giggles but overall did a great job. In the story, the only one to stop and give assistance to the beaten man was the Samaritan, played very well by Leica. She had her speaking part memorized too.

Leica the Samaritan helping Moise the beaten man


Ti Luc the innkeeper talking to the Samaritan

The Samaritan takes the man to an inn nearby run by Ti Luc the Innkeeper. The story ends with Jesus telling the lawyer to have compassion for others in need as the Samaritan had done. The kids enjoyed acting out the story and the kids in church liked the story told like that.

Kids in church

We were all very happy on Saturday when TiFi came home from the hospital. She had been there since Wednesday. TiFi has epilepsy and when at her Doctor’s appointment on Wednesday had several seizures so she was admitted.  This was a good thing as she has been having more frequent seizures here at home.

A stay at the hospital here is not easy on the patient or the caregivers that must be there 24/7. You have to provide everything that you will need while there including your bedding, pillow, food and something to put the food in so you can eat. The housemothers have put in a long week as they took turns being there with TiFi day and night. There is nowhere to get any sleep for them and they still had to come back and work with the other 16 kids here at the orphanage. Each will receive extra pay and our heartfelt thanks for taking such good care of TiFi.

Ti Fi happy to be home


It Is All About the Kids