Thank you for your encouragement which has touched all of us here at HATS.

School will soon be reopening and our kids are actually getting excited.  You should see the excitement on the faces of our little Anne and Jofky.  Yes, Anne, too, is going to start this year.  Anne will be starting preschool 1 and Jofky preschool 2.  Karena will be going into preschool 3 this year.  I will blog with photos of the cute little monkey doodles in uniforms when school opens.  Thank you to the new sponsors of Anne and Jofky, and to Karena’s sponsor as wel.  Thank you to all of you who are sponsoring students.  In doing so you are giving hope for the future to the students and their families.  We have 50 new preschool students who needs sponsors this year.  Anyone interested in helping one of these little ones please get in touch with Liette at  Thank you.


Anne sparkling with excitement about preschool


Jofky excited about preschool too

A couple of years ago Dickie and Sandra arrived with suitcases filled with rollerblades and helmets.  What excitement and joy it gave and is still giving here.  It was fun seeing the older kids learning to rollerblade.  At first they were on the ground as much or more than on their feet.  Now they are almost pros and are helping the little ones learn, i.e. Judel, Karena, Jofky and Anne.  It is a riot.  This week Jonathan and Sandra wanted a turn too so I decided they should get one.  They had to put on rollerblades and helmets much too big but they were so excited to be able to try.  Ti Fi also needed a chance.  The kids did their best but it was not easy to help Ti Fi as she is a heavy girl.  I was behind the camera, which was likely for the best or I might not have been walking properly afterwards.  I did a lot of laughing.  Ti Fi did too at first. She was so excited but the kids could not hold her up.  She was glad to sit down again and when she saw the photos she laughed with me.

Anne & Jofky on rollerblades for first time


Jonathan wanted to rollerblade too


Sandra got her chance at rollerblading too


Ti Fi needed the rollerblade experience too


Getting Ti Fi back home without falling.


Ti Fi back home.  Not so sure it was a good experinece after all.

Sandra has always had a strong and independent spirit.  She is now 2 1/2 and she is becoming even more independent.  She is a joy to be around and fun to watch, even when she is ticked.  Now she insists she must dress herself.  She, however, always wants to put on clothes that belong to Anne or Karena and this does not go over well with the two older girls.

I am still waiting for things to be finished for Ti Luc.  I believe I have been lied to many times.  I have no idea what to do next or how to do anything else.  Please continue to pray that this can be finished and we can receive a passport for him.

Ti Luc continues to enjoy playing soccer and walking along the canal.  (It is too wet and muddy right now for his bike.)  Recently I took four of the boys out for a walk – Moise, Ti Luc, Dieunel, and Judel.  Ti Luc was doing really well walking on the uneven ground.  We met a man who stopped and stared at us.  (This happens often.)  He called out for us to push Ti Luc in the canal to drown.  Oh my, all four kids heard it.  I tried to pretend nothing was said, but Ti Luc’s face was so sad and the other three boys were upset too, so we had to face it.  All four boys needed a hug.  Ti Luc allowed only two tears and then he looked at me and said “It’s okay mama.  You always tell me not to pay any attention to things like that because people who speak like that do not understand.”   Then off he marched like a trooper.  I asked the other boys to not repeat what was said and to forgive the man and we enjoyed the rest of our walk.  As we walked I gave them a little English lesson, which we  do often.  Must admit I had to ask Ti Luc to not respond when I quizzed the boys.  He is proficient in English and has become quite the little translator.

My little soccer player


Ti Luc enjoying a walk before someone suggested we push him in canal .

All the children are unique and special.

Thank you again for everything.   May God bless you as we continue to work together for the children.

I T    I S    A L L     A B O U T     T H E     C H I L D R E N