At 3:00 a.m our first alarm went off…actually it was a truck honking it’s horn and pretty much had Liette on the roof…she went back to sleep immediately (unfortunately I did not) until our 5:30 alarm clock went off to start our day. We took a truck full of kids to do a hike leaving behind a crowd of tiny kids looking thru the fence at us.

We saw lots of wild life on the way up…goats, chicken, pigs, horses, cows, dogs and even turkeys. The kids had no problem scrambling up the hill. I was amazed at the people coming down the mountain with huge loads on their head and of course, nothing on their feet. At the top Seth discovered if you move the right rocks you find brown scorpions. A few feet from the one we found another one with all her babies on her back. I thought that was pretty cool. The kids enjoyed climbing the tree at the top of the mountain. And we all enjoyed the beautiful view.






The high school kids were busy cutting grass with machetes (and killing three snakes) in the back field behind the school. They are trying to get it ready for soccer matches. A group of girls cooked a meal for the hard workers, and the boys hanging around in the shade just waiting for lunch…

The afternoon consisted of another beautiful hairdo, some badminton with Moise and JJ, and and a very quick dip in the private hospital pool. Liette, Mariah and I couldn’t have found a better way to cool off.

We took another nice walk along the canal. The two tired babies happily shared a stroller for a quick nap.


Yvette tried to cover up her amazing hairdo with her hat, but the kids all had to try it on. We’ve decided that Tifi really rocked the hat and we can now see what she’ll look like at 55 years old.

This evening we had an awesome lightning show. The clouds were lit up from behind for lightning for well over an hour. Truly an awesome display of God’s creation.

Oh, and we did do a little tiny bit of work….

~Yvette and Liette (for all of us at HATS)