Actually for Luckner and I, and Lois and Brad, who have been helping us with the reopening of our school, the work of the school has never stopped.  Luckner had three weeks of registering students and buying fabric for uniforms, while Lois and Brad have been cutting it all up in preparation of us getting it into the hands of the students.  The next big job is to start purchasing all the textbooks.

The three weeks I was away Luckner did the registering of students for the 2013-2014 school year.  All students, returning, and new, must register to attend in September.   He registered more than 40 new students for preschool and several in our grade 7 class.

Our school, IMKH, fared very well in the government exams for grade six and for grade nine again this year.  Thank you for those results go to Luckner who pushed both teachers and students.  The last couple of months of school Luckner had the grade six teacher give extra classes, while he taught the grade nine students on Saturdays and Sundays to prepare them for the big exams.  Our grade six class had 18 out of 20 and our grade nine had 18 out of 21 pass.

Thank you to you, our present sponsors, who are continuing to pay for your students.  If any of you have not yet paid for the school year 2013/2014 we ask you to please do so through Dickie MacDonald in Yarmouth.  If you are willing to start sponsoring a student this year you can download a form from our website or get in touch with Dickie or Sandra MacDonald or Liette Wilson:

Dickie –

Sandra –

Liette –

We are now in need of more sponsors especially for our newly registered little ones and for some grade seven students who passed the government exams and who have chosen to continue their education at our school.

Preschool to grade six is $275 per year.  Grade 7 to graduation s $375 per year.

Thank you once again for all the ongoing help in getting the children in our area receive an education.  Attending school gives students and families hope.  Without hope the people perish.

Every aspect of the HATS-Haiti Mission is and always will be  ALL ABOUT   THE   CHILDREN.