I am taking a chance that if I write a blog it can be posted. My internet service is worse now than I mentioned on the last blog. I, however, have not yet thrown the modem or router in the garbage can or the computer out the window. But am very tempted. Perhaps it just might help! I can very seldom get online. I can on occasion (certainly not often) get something to go out, but can hardly get emails to download at all and when they do I cannot read them. I presently have 10 emails showing in my Inbox but none of them will open. Oh the joy of trying to operate with technology like this in Haiti. I’ve been trying for six hours now to open HATS blogspot, website or facebook. I thought I might be able to send an email through facebook, but cannot do anything.

Today is January 12th – the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. There is, no doubt, a lot of memories resurfacing today and a lot of pain in the hearts of many people here. Haiti has no schools open and no workplaces operating today. Many Christian groups are holding services to give people a place to go and a chance to share. I find my emotions are on a rollercoaster today so how much more, are others going through today. As Sandra said on her comment on the last blog, ‘PLEASE NO MORE EARTHQUAKES.’

Tim in Halifax is diligently working to try and find something better for me. Jim, who is also a knowledgeable computer man, is in constant touch with Tim and the plan is that when Jim arrives on 24th of this month, he can help get me up and running again. Oh how I hope this really does happen!!!

Precious baby Sandra is still in the hospital and is being treated for pneumonia. I’ve been running back and forth to the hospital a lot. Each morning I make a change in the person who stays at the hospital to take care of Sandra. Antoinette, Naomie, and Magalie have been taking turns. I take one up in the morning and bring the other one down, and do likewise the next morning. With an emergency like this they do not get a night off, or even a full day. On their scheduled days off they get 3-4 hours and then must return on site. This too shall change!

Sandra in hospital

My other children are ill a lot too. Presently I have my three little musketeers, Anne, Jofky, Karena ill as well as Ismyis, Djemima, and Mirlande ill. Six here and one at hospital. When I get these six doing better five or six more will likely be ill again. Fun and games. During December and January months in Haiti there are a lot of people ill with colds, fevers, etc. I have a big family and the germs just get passed back and forth. It is a good thing I am doing well. Tired, but well. I thank God for that. I keep running from house to house with my load of meds, with hugs and kisses, and at night with my flashlight. Florence Nightingale I am not, but I am doing my best to take care of these precious children.

Karena – ill with fever


Sick kids – Ismyis, Jofky, Anne and Jonathan


I’m putting it in my mouth Mama

Yesterday we managed to get the children out for a short walk anyway, and we stopped for drinks and cookies and a birthday gift for Josie. Josie was thrilled to receive her own “Pink Princess Dress, Pink Princess Cape, and Pink Princess Telephone. She is indeed ‘Pretty in Pink’ and loves being a princess. Thank you Alexa for this.

Birthday party for Josie and walk combined


Birthday Girl – Princess Josie

Jessie and Seth are still waiting for word as to Seth’s surgery date. Please pray for them. Mariah will be returning Saturday morning which will be good for the school as well as for me. This past week we put Mariah’s class together with Rose-Lore’s as we await her to take over her own class again on Monday.


Love and blessings to all of you.

~Karen and kids