Good evening to all HATS followers!! This is Nicole Boudreau and Marcia Muise reporting from Deschapelles, Haiti. We will be your news anchors for the week bringing you the latest events happening on site.

Our Voyage

Our wakeup call came at 4:00 AM on Friday, September 29 th 2012. Our flight departed at 7:00 AM from Halifax and we were well on our way to our destination all 9 team members and 22 suitcases. Our journey here has been very eventful to say the least after two connector flights, a long delay that kept us from landing in Port-au-Prince due to a thunder storm.  We ended up circling Haiti for over an hour before the captain announced we were being diverted to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for refueling.  We were in Santo Domingo for about an hour and a half, but we were  well entertained as Corey 1 and Evenlina sang, “I shot the Sherriff”.  When we reached Port-au-Prince, Karen was patiently waiting for our arrival.  Hugs and warm welcomes were received by all.  Unfortunately, our 22 suitcases never made their way to Haiti.  So needless to say, we are finding out what it’s like to live without what we thought were needs.

Police Daniel happy that Gerry & team finally arrived,


What a trip.  Now where are the suitcases.


Not one suitcase of 22 arrived.  Yikes.

The three hour bus ride to the orphanage was an eye opening experience for the first time visitors.  We arrived at the orphanage at 11h30 PM and shortly thereafter some of us were fast asleep in our screen tents, mainly the oldest gentleman of the bunch, our team leader. For the rest of us, the sounds of the roosters and the cows serenaded us as we tried to fall asleep.

Sunday , September 30th 2012

This morning, we woke up as the sun came up and as we all began to trickle downstairs; we were met with warm welcomes from the precious children. Sam instantly made a new friend as baby Jonathan spent most of the morning in his arms.

Sam and Jonathan

As the children arrived, we were deeply touched and came to the realization of how important the HATS organization is to this country.  Many children who would not have had any opportunities are now well nourished, educated and have a loving home and a mother who loves them more than we could ever comprehend, Karen Huxter.

My kiddies are getting heavier

Shortly after a delicious breakfast prepared by Germaine and Marta, we all went to worship God together, Haiti style. The service consisted of enthusiastic singing by the children and the house mothers.  It was very overwhelming to hear their angelic voices.  And again, we realized how important this work is as it is leading many children to Christ. Corey 1 led the devotion and our whole team sang, or tried to sing.  We paled in comparison to the children’s performance.

Nicole, Marcia, Cory 1 ready for church,  Looking good for arriving with no luggage


Mary Ann ready too and looking beautiful


On the way to church

During lunch, Donna had a really hard time swallowing her food as Corey 1 was telling her the meat in the spaghetti sauce was snake, eliciting  a very loud gag relax.

This afternoon, the men worked to prepare classrooms for the first day of school tomorrow. The ladies got to spend time with Karen and the children. What a blessing that was! Each one of those children are so very precious – more than we can put into words.

Karma and Sandra

TAP –TAP tour via Karen

We had the opportunity to experience a Tap Tap ride today with Karen, Mariah, and Gerry.  We were piled on the back of the truck and headed to the hardware store and got to see the hospital and a typical Haitian village.  We experienced a very bumpy ride, some limbs fell asleep, some butts got sore and some of our hair got styled, Beiber style from the wind.  We also saw Vladimy ‘s new  school.

Karen’s TapTap. Always room for one more


Inside the Tap Tap

After we got back, all the boys had received their back to school haircuts.  We also finished preparing the classrooms for tomorrow’s big day.  Sam swept the floor in one classroom so now Marcia knows what he’s capable of and will definitely benefit from his newly acquired skill.  Marry-Ann was a little red today because her sunscreen in still in her luggage at Port-au-Prince airport.

During supper, Corey 1, again, was trying to convince Donna that the chicken legs were actually Gecko legs.  Needless to say, we reportedly heard Donna is eating lightly.

This cute little fellow tried to ride upstairs on the foot of Cory 1.

Later, during supper, Corey 1 asked Evan if he was missing Rhonda, Gerry said, “who’s Rhonda, Your dog?” and the room burst out in laughter and someone replied, “Rhonda’s his wife”.

Corey 2 was beginning to smell a little foul as he was the only one who did not pack any clothing in his carryon baggage. So tonight, he had to borrow a t-shirt from Corey 1 to put on after a shower.  His underwear, on the other hand, well we’ll just leave it at that…

Well that just about wraps up our day, reporting live here on site, we will be joining you live once again tomorrow night! Goodnight all!

~Nicole Boudreau and Marcia Muise