This week our team leader Gerry Rhyno and his wife Heather celebrated their 20 wedding anniversary. Our team would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them. Gerry has a real heart and dedication for HATS Haiti. This has been his 18th mission’s trip to Haiti so far.

This morning, we had the chance to go observe a typical opening at the school complete with a national flag rising and anthem. Mary Anne had the opportunity to help Karen hand out school books to the children. Nicole and Marcia went over to the school to observe what recess is like. The children were all very happy, running and laughing. They were completely content even without any recreational equipment as you would find in a typical Canadian school yard.


The men completed their project of building a roof over Karen’s patio and also had to go to the school to fix a leak in one of the taps.


Nicole was able to get her hair braided by Antoinette, one of the house mothers at the orphanage.

After lunch Donna and the ladies were able to hand out more food to the staff members here at the orphanage. They were all very grateful and appreciative. We were told by Karen that many families even the staff have higher expenses every October when school starts as they prepare their children for school.

The ladies were also able to pick out two dresses for each little girl, which will be handed out tomorrow.

Shortly after, the women were able to enjoy some sugar cane with the children. A big treat for all!

Before supper the whole team, Karen and Mariah headed out to visit Antoinette’s church. Her husband is a pastor at the church.


Shortly after supper, we headed out to Luchner’s radio station. We sang some songs, Evan sang a solo, and 4 team members shared their experiences in Haiti. It was a good experience that we will never forget.


That completes our 6th day here in Deschappelles! Join us for our last blog tomorrow night.

Until then!