The weather this past week has been very variable. We had had some rain which is almost unheard of this time of year. However, it is always welcome in this farming valley. The temperature dipped to 20C one evening and the kids scrambled for hoodies and hats to battle the deep freeze. It didn’t take long to heat up and by mid-day we saw 38C.

The HATS weather report


Moise trying to keep warm


JJ and Judel bundled up


These low temperatures are hard on
our seniors too!

Last night Joan, Karen and I had a wonderfully quiet and peaceful 30 minutes up on the roof. It was a full moon and the view of Jupiter peaking in and out of the clouds was spectacular. The stars were dimmed by the brightness of the moon but we’ll see them later in the month with the older kids, maybe we’ll even see the International Space Station.

Stay tuned.

Jupiter and the full moon.

ELECTRICITY” – the HATS soap opera – The Sequel

Luckner has had his own crisis to deal with at his store so action on Karen’s electricity contract has been delayed. However, the new wiring from the generator is working like a charm.  Also the inverter automatically kicks in when the generator goes off which is very high-tech. The final problems include sorting out the house wiring and what is 220V and what is 120V and checking the output from all the plugs.

Stay tuned