It is the getting ready time of the year again for HATS-Haiti’s school.  We are very busy preparing for the coming year.  Registering of students for the next two weeks, along with buying, cutting up, and distributing fabric for uniforms.  Germaine and I cut up approx 400 samples of uniform fabric to attach to the school lists for parents.  Today Martha and Yolene are cutting the uniform fabric we had on hand. Luckner needs to purchase more fabric.  On Monday we will start distributing the fabric to those students who are in our sponsoring program.  Then we need to start purchasing textbooks.  As well there are workers in the school yard changing it from the forest it had become in the past five weeks to a school yard once again. A big thank you to all who sponsor students for schooling.  You are the ones making it possible for them to get an education.  This is a huge gift to all the family.  You can see that we are spending money for uniforms and textbooks for your students.  I ask that you pay your sponsorship fees as soon as possible to enable us to take care of things on our end.  Thank you so very much.

School uniform time again

Today Luckner is a very busy man with the registration of students.  This is day one, of a two week period, of registration.  Apparently some parents were outside the school yard at 7:00 am and registration was due to start at 9:00.  Every student must register every year.  The word on the street is that HATS has a ‘really good school’ and parents want to be sure to find a place for their children.  Too, there is excitement in the air because this year we are not sending our grade 9 graduate students to a lesser quality school outside of HATS to continue their education.  Parents have been requesting this every year and they are very pleased that finally their children will remain with us until graduation.  This will also mean more parents will want to register their children with our school for preschool each year as their children will be able to start and complete their education with us.

Registering students for our school


Almost finished registration for day 1 and they are still lined up

There was a lot of happiness and many squeals of joy on this compound today too because the results of the government grade 6 exams were released.  Our school, IMKH, had only one grade six student who did not pass.  This is ‘good’ results as many students in schools in the area do not make it.  Now we anxiously await for our grade 9 government exam results.  The news that had us jumping and squealing with joy, however, was the news that one of our HATS children came first in our school for these exams.  Our own Djemima got top marks for our school.  Yay Djemima.  The other children were thrilled for her, as were the employees.  They were all moving so much I could not get a good photo.


Such joy that Djemima came in 1st place in grade six govt exams

Our children started back in ‘lessons’ (tutoring) today and will go to school for two hours a day, three days a week, for a month.  We find this very valuable for our children to be ready when school reopens.

Our kids get a month’s help with their reading and writing skills before school reopens

It is important to me to see our children learn to cook, and to do so outside over charcoal.  When they leave here there is very little chance they will have a nice gas stove to cook on.   I had them start on Saturday.  JJ, Moise, Djemima and Leica started off in a small way with making popcorn to share with the other children.  This week they are going to prepare cornmeal as the Haitians like it.

Munching popcorn made by the older kids who are learing to cook by themselves

On the weekend I discovered that the storage unit for meds, etc in my bathroom was infiltrated by bugs that were eating the wood.  Wood does not stand up in this hot and humid country.  We build with cement but wood is needed for some things.  This whole unit will have to be replaced some day but for now we think we have chased them away.   Everything was removed and spread all over my room and Germaine scraped, washed and sprayed. I could not even walk through it.  Another big job done for awhile.

Work is on again at the church.  The work on the finishing of the inside walls and ceiling has started.  We, however, will need to find funds to do the finishing of the floor.  Can’t wait for this work to be finished so we can start using the building regularly.  Thanks to all who have helped with the construction of our church.  If anyone is willing to help us get the floor finished and or the walls of the church outside finished please get in touch.  We certainly could use your help!   Thank you.

Work started on inside walls of the church

Please join me in prayer for whatever is continuing to block us receiving Ti Luc’s passport to be resolved and to be resolved this week.  I need it desperately as I need to be able to apply for a visitor’s visa for him.  I plan to take him to Canada with me in September and we are quickly running out of time.  Too, I need to be able to do the paperwork for Step 2 of application for him to become a Canadian citizen.  I must have the passport before I can move forward on these two things.  Thanks for your prayer support once again.

Our Magdala has settled in beautifully.  She goes from one child to the other now and likewise for the employees and Mama Karen, and Papa Luckner whenever she sees him.  This is home to her now.

Our Magdala

On Sunday 10th two special young ladies, my neices Jennifer and Jocelyn, from Deer Lake, Newfoundland are coming to give me some help.  With all that is on the go here right now I certainly appreciate them coming. Our children are excited about their pending arrival and Ti Luc is counting ‘how many more sleeps’.  No doubt you will hear from them in a few blogs.

I must finish this blog with two special photos for my sister, Sandra.  Saw these two days in a row, Sis.  I asked them to wait for you in January.  Would not want you to be disappointed when you come.

Another one for my sister, Sandra


And yet another one for Sandra

Thanks again everyone.   You are the ones who make this work for children possible.  We are all a part of the family of HATS-Haiti.

I T     I S     A L L     A B O U T     T H E     C H I L D R E N

May God bless you all.

~Karen and gang