Karen, Joan and I have been taking school pictures this week. We have Pre-School 1, 2 and 3 done as well as Grades 1-4. I had the easy job taking the pictures and sorting, labeling and editing. Joan was in charge of the lists and names for the kids to hold and Karen was in charge of everything else – discipline, getting the kids to smile, delivering them from the school to our studio and keeping everyone in line.

School photo studio


Joan with the lists


Our customers


When Karen says get in line everyone jumps, including the photographer


Sure, now that your picture is taken you smile……

We have about half of the school kids done – over 200 students. Liette (Karen’s daughter) will arrive with her team in 2 weeks and will do the rest of the students. She will also get the sponsored kids to draw a picture or write a letter, translate it and send out to their sponsors in time for Christmas.
Feel like you are missing out????
Check yesterday’s blog on how to sponsor a child.

We think our own HATS kids are the cutest of all the students!! Don’t you?

Kids 1


Kids 2


Kids 3

It’s the end of the month, so it’s payday and time to send the financial reports to Canada. These two ladies seem to be having too much fun to be taken very seriously. Maybe that is why they are 3 months behind!!

Karen and Joan cooking the books.

“Electricity” – the HATS soap opera – update.
Luckner has the Generator installer’s quote so the work can start soon. The deposit has been sent to Port au Prince and now waiting for a quesstimate on when the installer will come…. Stay tuned