I seriously planed on blogging more often, every second day doing a short one. Life here, however, tends to constantly get in the way. Mariah did one recently but I realize I really am overdue again. My days are so full one day just runs into another and I hardly know when one has finished and another has begun. This is going to become even more so in two weeks time when school reopens.

Speaking of school. The construction project of office with adjoining library is looking good. This week will see the cement work finished on the walls inside and out. Before we paint, however, we need to get a smooth cement floor poured, and the wood framing done for doors. After this we will need shelves, a storage cupboard in both rooms, and two desks in the office (for Luckner and Karen), filing cabinet, etc. Then chairs so we can actually meet properly with parents and with teachers. For the past couple of years we have held our meetings in the school yard, standing or sitting wherever we can find a little shade.

Office and school building taking shape

Our school will open Monday, October 3rd. Opening was delayed at the order of the president who had an agenda of his own (some political promise he made to do with schooling that everyone knew he could not fulfill.) Thank you to all of our sponsors who are continuing with your student (s). If your student has changed this year I will do my best to let you know within the first two weeks of school opening. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Radio Creole at Luckner’s place continues to play Christian music, give God’s word daily, and pray three one hour periods a day for those who call in with prayer requests, as well as teach morals, acceptable behaviour, respect for one another, etc. This radio station is making a big difference. When one takes a stand for the Lord, and for the good of all, persecution comes. I knew it would happen and talked to Luckner about it before the station went on the air. Good changes are happening throughout the area and the persecution has hit and keeps on coming. A lot of terrible and evil things take place every night around here and especially at midnight. Radio Creole has a pastor who prays every night from midnight to 1:00 or later. This nightly prayer at Radio Creole, along with everything else that comes over the airwaves from the radio station has upset the apple cart of those who desire to do ungodly things late at night. People want to take revenge against Radio Creole and Luckner. Pastors all throughout this area have banned together and decided to have a day of prayer and fasting (Jen) this Thursday for Radio Creole and Luckner. Then the same evening (Thursday) pastors and other Christians will gather on the roof of the Trade School outside Radio Creole from 6:00 p.m. to midnight to pray. Thank you for your prayer support for Radio Creole FM and for the people in the Artibonite Valley. May God’s goodness prevail and evil be knocked down.

Radio Creole FM

My kids are doing well, precious, special and all growing like weeds. They do love to have time with their Mama and I am doing my best to keep up the necessary work load and have more time with them. Too, they enjoy time with Mariah and with Jessie and Seth. Ti Sandra is my new office assistant. She sits in my office with me daily, in what once was Ti Luc’s highchair.

Sandra now helps Mama in the office daily

Today is Sunday and what I consider ‘Family Day’. We started our day with our little church service. It was Jessie’s turn to do a message today. She does one twice a month and Maggie and/or Antoinette the other Sundays. As a part of this morning’s message Jessie and Mariah did a skit about keeping our hearts and our lives clean. Our Sunday service is followed with a good meal, and then I try to keep our afternoon open for playing and enjoying time together. Some Sundays we also sit and chat as a family as well and Mama Karen spends time talking about respect for others and growing up with integrity, honesty and good morals. Hopefully some of it will stay with them throughout their lives.

Sunday afternoon family time
Family talk time
Jessie playing with Ti Luc
One happy with ti kado, one in corner due to attitude

Today Mariah helped Magalie prepare the Sunday meal for the children. Mariah helps cook at Luckner’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays so by the time she leaves us she should be quite adept at preparing food Haitian style.

Mariah and Magalie preparing the Sunday meal

Mariah, Jessie and Seth painted the two large gates to the compounds as well as the two small ones between the main compound and the school. They had a little help from JJ and Vladimy. It has made a beautiful difference to both the outside and the inside of the compound. It is amazing how much brighter and more attractive a coat of paint makes things.

Mariah can multitask – eat, paint, listen to music and be a goof ball

Finally told the children today that the little house Luckner and I had asked Seth to build was not really for a small ‘back up’ generator but was a playhouse for them. They were all quite pleased.

Kids are happy with their playhouse

Again, to all of you who follow the blog, thank you for all the support. I have no idea how many actually read what we blog, but I know for sure that a few people do. Thank you Sandra, Dickie and Shondi for always putting a comment on the blog. It is very encouraging for us. Thank you Liette for always posting it to Facebook for others to see. Speaking of blogging. Now it Jessie and Seth’s turn to write one.