I said last week I was going to try to blog more often but a week has passed and I am just getting around to it again. This blog will be more photos than words. I am too tired to think or type.

Ti Luc fell down hard last Tuesday and drove his teeth into his tongue through to the bottom. It was quite the gaping hole. He has suffered a lot but has been a real trooper. It is healing, but he is still suffering, and he will need to eat only very soft foods for some time yet. The first two nights I sat with him, not sleeping at all. My other kids love Ti Luc and after a few days five of my little ones came to see him. I was amazed and thrilled when little Dieunel told me he wanted to pray for Ti Luc. He told the kids they should sing first and they started singing “Rivers of Babylon”. Dieunel prayed and then Josie prayed, followed by Judel. Karena wanted to too so I helped. She is my little parrot anyway. I was very touched by what I was seeing and hearing. It showed me we are doing something right here.

Ti Luc not feeling very well


Dieunel, Judel, Karena, Jofky & Josie praying for Ti Luc’s mouth to heal

Still no adoption papers which means no passport or visa for Ti Luc. This also means when Air Canada leaves Port au Prince next Monday Ti Luc and I will not be on it. Sad indeed but reality must be accepted.

Construction is underway on the foundation for the office and for the library. Foundation only is being done for the library at this time. When the foundation is finished work will proceed on the office itself.

Measuring for school office


rocks and rebar delivery for construction


Preparing for cement work for support columns
Foundation construction

The swing set is up now and tomorrow the children will start enjoying it. I decided the kids needed a sand box. Seth built it and the kids liked it so much as it was that there is still no sand in it. Now I have asked Seth to build a playhouse. He loves to build things and does a great job of everything. I want to keep the playhouse a secret until it is finished.

Luckner in suit for a wedding working with spray paint
Swing set almost ready

We are busy with school things again. Registration for our school for September is taking place this week. Jessie has been a tremdendous help with getting all school lists and registration forms ready. She is experiencing life and work here with last minute decisions and changes. Go, go, go and never a dull moment. For someone who was organized in her Canadian life and liked to have things ready long in advance, I have had to make big adjustments to the way I work here.

School registration started

Recently I walked outside my kitchen door and into a wedding ceremony. There was Ti Luc and Leica sitting across from each other as they do in Haiti. (Ti Luc was being married in shorts and no shirt.) It was too cute.

Praying during wedding ceremony for Leica & Ti Luci Luc


JJ played his guitar in kid’s wedding ceremony

A few months back we gave a lady a goat as a gift from someone in NS. She was thrilled. Recently she went to Luckner in tears because her goat had died. It had eaten a plastic bag. I told Ti Luc about this and he promptly said he could give her one. Someone has been looking after Ti Luc’s goat. Today Ti Luc gave his goat to her. Both Bott and Ti Luc were happy about this arrangement.

Ti Luc giving his goat to Bott as her goat died

Cholera is still taking many lives and many thousands are ill all the time. Martha’s husband had it last week. Luckner knows a lady whose husband who almost died recently with cholera. The clinic at the hospital close by needed to give him 40 IV bags over a period of many days. We continue to vaccinate children from our school and church.

Cholera vaccine for our church students



Anne’s first steps during devotions


Luckner, Ti Luc & Sandra


Walking tires out the kids including Sandra


Seth making TV cabinet for Kid’s Home, JJ & Moise building something


Sandra the sleeping beauty


Karena Mariah with the Creole Bible


Cutitie Pitutie Anne


Moise with Anne


afternoon family walk

Thanks again for your support. May you all be blessed as you continue to be a blessing to the people of Haiti.

“Remember one person’s life being changed is more important than all the material things the world has to offer.” Children’s lives are being changed. ” IT IS ALL ABOUT THE CHILDREN”