Finally, during the last 2 days of our time in Haiti, everyone was well.  I’m still recovering, but happily, I feel almost myself again.

Last canal walk


Canal tree

To celebrate Christmas and New Year’s and to give mom a chance to relax for once, we spent a day at the beach yesterday.  There is photographic proof that Karen can lie down and relax with a book once in a while!

Karen actually lying down!


Ti Luc, Ariane & Tevan

Todays’s activities included running races with Jonathan vs. Sandra being the cutest match up, lots of work in the depot, trying to figure out what to do with the 15,000 photos on Karen’s computer from 2010-2012, a walk along the canal and then a grand New Year’s finale of one firework!  Just one, but it sure made an impression on the kids.

Jonathan racing


Racing 2 year olds

It’s never fun to say goodbye to those we love, but we are grateful for the time we’ve had here and look forward to our next visit.

Last night’s adventure was the great cockroach hunt in which Mariah played the starring role of mighty cockroach killer.  When we were putting groceries away that we’d bought in St. Marc, Karen opened a big black bin in the kitchen and saw one of her arch enemies.  She screamed, so I screamed, so Ariane screamed, so Tevan & Mariah screamed, so Josiah came running to see what was going on.  When Mariah learned it was “just a cockroach” she boldly opened the box, found the critter and stomped on it.  Mariah was having trouble understanding how Grammy could be so scared until I reminded her of her completely “logical” fear of seaweed!

Everyone involved in the great cockroach kill!