It’s Friday again. It’s the last day of school for the week for the kids. Unfortunately for them tomorrow will be a study day as mid-term exams are coming up very quickly. (I’m sure there will still be time for one game of hockey – won’t there?)

Every morning the kids arrive at the big house all decked out in their clean school uniforms, rested and ready for a new day. They are greeted by Mama Karen and 2 or 3 of the children will pray and then it is off to school. What a wonderful start to the day.

Prayer time


Off to school

It’s painting day again for Joan and I. After much discussion it was decided that 11 years is enough. It’s time to paint Karen’s bedroom and bathroom. Yesterday we moved everything out of the bedroom, except the bed and started the prep work. Joan and Karen decided on Jaunty Joan as the new color. What do you think?

Room evacuation


Bedroom preparation

Oops. Sorry Sandra. You’ll have the wait till the job is finished to see what Jaunty Joan looks like.

The bathroom is a boring Keith Wight.

Yup, Joan’s new Birthday Ladder got used but not by me!

The lady with the Birthday Ladder


The man with the homemade ladder

Stay tuned.